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Some other Podcasts I've been on recently:

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The Doug Stanhope Podcast Ep. 96: http://bit.ly/2tvBfn0 

Anxious & Angry Ep. 3: http://www.anxiousandangry.com/podcast 

Anxious & Angry Ep. 120: http://bit.ly/2ugAltj 

Comedy AGoGo: http://bit.ly/2vH5HXK

An OK Podcast: http://okisawesome.com/an-ok-podcast-19-jt-habersaat/

Masters of None: http://www.simplysyndicated.com/mon_11_11/#.UriSdfRDttB 

Whiskey Brothers (ep. 204 'Heavy Metal Porking Lot'): http://praisewhiskey.com/sladeham/?page_id=18