I've been back from Las Vegas just long enough to fall asleep at 6 pm and destroy my chance at getting this jet lag murdered, so figured I should report back on Punk rock Bowling 2012.

I think it's fair to say that PRB has become one of the major players in the festival circuit, and more importantly a much-needed US counterpart to the UK Wasted / Rebellion Fests. A festival comprised of ALL punk bands (and very little BS liberties with the genre) is something that has been sorely lacking in the States. The Stern brothers are to be commended.

The comedy show was a new level this year. Joe Sib and I, each lucky enough to perform in previous years, decided to 'roll the dice' as it were on a dual headlining kickoff party this time around. To both of our surprise, people started lining up almost an hour before doors to the club opened. The crowd was amazing, the venue in the Golden Nugget Casino ideal, and the gig would never have happened without the huge help of Mark Stern. Thanks Mark for dealing with Sib and I hounding you for details literally until show time, and thanks to Eric Lincoln Hurst, Joe Staats and C-Bazz for providing killer support sets.

The rest of the weekend was equally amazing. Aside from seeing some truly great old friends, the entire weekend was a huge reaffirmation of why the punk scene will forever be so important to me. Sure there were some idiots (the dude showing Binky his destroyed and bleeding knee while drunkenly giving us the history of Rancid made me flee), but overall I forgot how great it is to simply be with a huge group of like-minded people for an extended amount of time.

Laura Jean Grace's surprise set at the Matt Skiba show was the ultimate in vindication and completely decimated any message board morons that may have actually ventured into the sunlight to attend the fest. Appearing in a dress, wavy hair and makeup, Grace (aka Gable) reigned triumphant to an adoring crowd that screamed along to every Against Me! lyric. Not a single homophobic or ignorant comment heard that night. Honestly, I was pretty proud. Check out this epic footage Binky grabbed:


Add in a couple of 'conservatives' sitting behind us on the airplane ride home that loudly slurred their way through Mexican foreign policy, the president's birth certificate and the genius of Michelle Bachman. Both were the same age as me, both 'respectable' business men, both had me biting my tongue in half for the better part of two hours. It was a slap in the head of reality after a weekend of high fives and drunken enthusiasm, and a reminder that for every open-minded scene there is the polar opposite just around the corner in larger numbers.

All in all an amazing weekend. Again, thank you Stern brothers and hope to see you all next year.

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More soon. Need to take some sleep aid.