Summer Plans

Vegas-bound this Friday. PRB has become an annual must for me by now, can't wait to see everyone. The show is free at the Golden Nugget Casino in the Rush Lounge at 6pm. Drinks will be flowing, it will fill up quick.

The local comedy contest has finally wrapped for another year in Austin. I dread it every spring honestly. Comedy as sport makes me a little queasy, but I hope everyone that goes for it gets something positive out of it. Maybe I'm just chickenshit. Regardless, I'll continue to sit that type of thing out. Congrats to Chris Cubas who placed in the finals.

I'll be doing a run of Texas with Kristine Levine next month, followed by a headline show in New Orleans. August brings some east coast action, as well as a teaming with my pal John Tole. Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and more east coast shows (with Mack Lindsay) are also in the cards for the fall.

I've been writing a lot this week and it has yielded some pretty dark stuff. I'll be curious to see how audiences react to some of it. I'm not even sure yet if it is funny, which is strange. I guess you never know until you lob it out there on stage. But it felt good to blast a bunch of new ideas down on the page.

Thanks to anyone who made it to my play at Short Short Fringe Fest. That was a pretty incredible experience. I'm working to get it up on youtube asap. It's something I'd like to try again. maybe in the fall, we shall see.

'Hostile Corporate Takeove' has been getting some pretty good press, which is encouraging. The limited colored vinyl is starting to move at shows, so grab yours before they are gone. Thanks for all the support.

I'm sitting in the dark waiting on a possible tornado, so it seems like a good time to wrap this up. Thanks for reading. Oh yeah, possible rad tour dates with some band pals as well as more festivals later in the year as well. Details here as I get them.