Summer 2014

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Back from Vegas, again. We bumped up to the showroom at the Plaza this year, which seats around 500 I’m told. The line was crazy and the show sold out. People always ask me if I get nervous doing standup. I keep waiting for the ball to drop on that one but all I felt was stoked at the size of that audience. As usual, one of the best crowds we could have asked for. I could have stayed up there forever. I know Sib and Kinane felt the same way. Staats and Whitecotton crushed. Old pal Eric Hurst was a seasoned pro as host. Overall, an amazing gig with comics I’m proud to call friends. Apologies to Louie Anderson for booting you out of your room for the night. I promise we did not ride your Rascal.

The tour was one of our most consistently fun runs. Dirty Charlie was a welcome addition as an opener, and I think you’ll see him with us again, provided he can keep his shirt on. Staats and Whitecotton are refreshingly reliable. Dudes I can count on, both in the van and on the stage. Lots of new markets we had never hit before. Most were fantastic.

One obligatory moment of scene drama when a comic / promoter tried to rip us off and got caught in the lie. He fucked himself out of a job pretty good. I try to stay out of the shrapnel in those situations, but always know when it is gonna be bad fallout. This one was a doozy. Yeeesh, indeed. Ya big dummy. The days of getting fucked over without repercussion are in our rearview mirror. Hope the cash was worth it.

Last year was the most work I’ve done on the road, but this year feels like the biggest perception change. Maybe that’s a direct result of 2013? It’s an odd feeling. Fuck fame, if that’s the vibe I’m giving off here. I obviously want people to come to the shows, but that’s where that head trip ends. People just seem to be more aware of the tour as ‘a thing’ these days, and that has been a small mental adjustment. A positive one. No chance I’m complaining and still many miles to go, but it’s been an observation none the less.

Make no mistake, there’s still a long way to go before we are at the level I think we can hit. I’m willing to do the work and know that is the only way these things happen. Just trying to keep my head down and let the sets do the talking. I’ve been getting the ‘sellout’ and ‘hotshot’ tag on occasion for the first time this year. That has been interesting, and honestly more funny to me than hurtful. Mr. Hollywood! The shows are the only thing that matter at the end of the day in that dept.

I have no road gigs booked for June or July. This is not an accident. I’m working on a new hour and plan to do drop-in sets around town to keep the writing going. Short New Orleans run and more updates in August. I’m going to try and blog more on here too, so it isn’t just tour wrap-ups and industry bullshit.

I’m road tired, but more aware than ever. Viva la Bronx – “you cannot change the life you’re born to live.” The older I get, the truer the statement becomes. Clarity is a bitch. Thanks for the road support, always. It keeps me sane-ish. - JT