RIP Ramsey

 photo ramsey jt_zpsy4wbuxdz.jpg

I turned 40 the other day, and tonight I had to again say goodbye to a dear friend. Ramsey was an amazing cat. He was almost 19, and survived an assortment of ailments so insane I can't even list them all via a reasonable list. The only cat I well-intentionally and ill-advisedly performed home surgery on (long story, he was fine and I learned a lesson). One of the toughest and kindest animals I have ever encountered.

I realize to a lot of people I live a strange, adolescent-postponing type of lifestyle. Totally true. But every once in a while the harsher realities of life smack you in the face and force you to fast-forward your perspective. Losing some of my favorite pets ever in the past few months has made me feel more 'like an adult' than most anything else. Heartbreak will age you like nothing else. I feel a bit hardened, and it feels new.

We knew Ramsey did not have long left. He went downhill fast in the last week. But he stuck it out for another few days. Best birthday present ever. Endlessly gentle and calm.

I'm sitting in his favorite chair, drunk and sad, and for the first time all week I truly feel like I'm 40. Thanks for the kind messages and farewell Ramsey. You were a true prince among thieves. - JT