About 2 hours post-show from our Stand Up! Records recording and insomnia has hit despite my complete exhaustion. What a killer night. Thank you all so much for overselling the New Movement Theater to the point of danger, to their awesome staff for dealing with the un-stoked folks who could not get in, and to all of my comedy family for destroying the stage with their originality and hilariousness. Extra thanks to Dan from SU!R for taking a chance on us, and to my wife Donna for keeping me in the green room for sanity despite the pre-show mania. I honestly am very, very proud of the end result. 

I also want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who packed the place. It would not have been the experience it was without you there. Taking the unorthodox 'punk rock' comedy route has not always been the easiest path, but I can 100% say that it has proven to be more ultimately rewarding than I could have ever dreamed. Punk rock fans are the best audience and fans EVER, and I cannot overstate how much your support means to all of us. Simply put, you get it. We will not let you down if you continue to show up. 

Super high fives to John Tole for being the only ATX comedian who showed up to support the show (Matt Bearden did his best, so thanks Matt as well). I know some were there in spirit, but again - thank you to everyone who showed up for reminding us yet again who we do this for. 

I'm going into hibernation for a few weeks, check the calendar for some rad upcoming shows and festivals. Keep December 31st in your sights as well for a very special show. Again, thank you and good night (I hope).