Post Op Plans

I write this from a fortress of propped pillows. In an obvious hack move designed to pull headlines away from Tig and Ari, I was diagnosed with skin cancer recently. I had minor surgery today, and it went well, which means I'm sore as fuck and super grouchy but otherwise fine. They caught it early and it had not spread, so with any luck that should be the end of that. Aside from a very small circle of family I did not want to mention this publicly until after the surgery was done, since it seems so goddamn dramatic. Assuming it doesn't come back, which it shouldn't they say, I look at it as a close call and a green light to make cancer jokes forever, so win-win. Huge thanks and eternal guest list tickets to my tattoo artist Dart at Aloha for giving me the 'get that checked out' head's up.

The new album on Stand Up! Records has been released, thank you for buying it (assuming you have, otherwise you are dead to me). My plan is to push the record all year long while writing and honing new material on the road. I'll be hitting a lot of cities around the country this year and am excited to do so, it has been way too long for a bunch of these places. I'll be announcing all of the venues in one big chunk soon, but here are confirmed dates and cities to bank on:

5/3 Fort Worth, TX

5/24 Las Vegas, NV

6/27 Houston, TX

6/29 New Orleans, LA

7/26 Dallas, TX

7/27 Oklahoma City, OK

8/16 Manchester, NH

8/17 Portland, ME

8/23 Boston, MA

9/19 Portland, OR

9/21 Seattle, WA

10/4 Minneapolis, MN

10/5 Chicago, IL

10/17 Bridgeport, CT

10/18 Easton, PA

10/19 Trenton, NJ

10/20 Kingston, NY

These are all headline sets for me. I'm working on a lot more cities / shows as well for September / October / November, including some 'big deal' things that I can't talk about just yet. There will be some large festivals in the mix for sure as well. The other Altercation Tour members will be a mixed bag depending on the date and location, but will include Jay Whitecotton, Mack Lindsay, Junior Stopka, Nick Mullen, Joe Staats, Joe Sib, Andy Andrist, Mike Wiebe, Ian Stuart and Dave Krum Bum.  I'll announce who is on what date when the venues go live, which again should be real soon.

In terms of Texas, I plan to do a very small amount of shows there for the rest of the year. I'll be doing a run in June with the divine Kristine Levine ('Portlandia' etc.) that will include San Antonio, Houston and Austin. I'll just be hosting on these shows and working out new material. Joe Staats, Jay Whitecotton and Norm Wilkerson (Unbookables) will be on these shows as well. It shall rule face, and you should definitely go. Confirmed venues and dates will be up on the site here soon. I've also been asked to MC the Roast of Billy Milano on June 8th (SOD / MOD), which will be at Bull McCabes in Austin, Texas. Again, that will be a host type of thing and not a full regular set. I promise it shall be epic though and not to be missed. 

On a final 'ENOUGH ALREADY' note, I'll be contributing a play (!) to the 2013 Short Short Fringe Festival. It will be held on May 12th, you can read all about it here:


It seemed like a neat challenge, and my piece will not be comedic. Keep checking that site for more details. The play is called 'Starting From Scratch'. 

Ok. Thanks for reading and giving a shit, time to pop more drugs and try to eat a taco. See you on the road and fuck cancer in the face.