Old Man Me

I'll be 38 in an hour. Suck it. Here are my dates so far for the year, some may shift slightly but probably not. More in the fall but let's deal with the here and now, pal. I hope they find Duane Peters alive.

March 28: San Antonio, TX
April 11: San Angelo, TX
May 1 - 3: Akumal Comedy Festival, Mexico
May 16: Fort Worth, TX
May 17: Norman, OK
May 18: Amarillo, TX
May 19: Albq, NM
May 20: TBA
May 21: Tucsan, AZ
May 22: Phoenix, AZ
May 23: Las Vegas, NV
June 25: Manchester, NH
June 26: Derry, NH
June 27: Brooklyn, NY
June 28: Trenton, NJ
Aug. 1: New Orleans, LA
Aug. 2: New Orleans, LA
Aug. 3: Houston, TX
Aug. 15: Montreal, Canada 
Aug. 16: Toronto, Canada