Fall Tour

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Welp, Texas touring is wrapped for most of 2013. I'll be doing the always-epic Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin this November (see lineup above) and an Arlington show in late August. Maybe a Corpus gig or a one-off here or there but otherwise I'm hitting some rad major cities on both coasts for the next few months. I'm stoked to get back to some cities like Portland and Chicago, since it has been a few years. I'll have KILLER comics rounding out the Altercation Tour dates, including Andy Andrist, Kristine Levine, Nick Lavallee, Mack Lindsay, Eric Hurst, Jay Whitecotton, Joe Staats, Ray Harrington and more. Check the calendar section for details and lineups.

I have approx. 40 of the limited tri-color LPs left of 'Hostile Corporate Takeover'. These will ONLY be available at shows. Grab 'em while they are hot. $15 and includes a full mp3 download and a limited edition patch. There will also be a rad limited poster for sale at the merch booth. I'm literally down to 2 copies of my 'Ancient History' double cd, so grab it for $5 before they leave this mortal plane forever. No re-pressing is planned.

For those of you asking, I'm aiming to get back to California early next year. A New Mexico / Arizona run is also in the works for over the winter. I'm particularly excited about that potential lineup, stay tuned. I'm hoping to get to some new cities like Minneapolis early next year as well. The fall filled up quick so I'm doing my best to schedule post-holidays routes now. Thanks for everyone asking, it means a lot. There will be some new podcast interviews popping up in the next few weeks as well.

My pal Jake Flores recorded a great album last night for Stand Up! Records. Some of you have probably seen Jake on numerous Altercation Tours, buy it when it hits, you won't be disappointed. Thanks as always for reading and see you on the road. - JT