Fall 2012 News

It's September already, so time for an update (I promise to keep it short). Stand Up! Records Dan and I are currently in the process of going over the album masters and figuring out what will ultimately be on the finished record. So far, the recording sounds momentous. I can't wait to hear the finished thing on vinyl. We are aiming for an early 2013 release. LPs will include a digital download card and yes you will be able to get it on Itunes too. Some of the vinyl will be limited edition colors etc. so get your indie nerd boners ready. 

Speaking of, some of you may have noticed my online hints that something big has been in the works. I'm beyond thrilled to formally announce that the upcoming album will feature cover art by the one and only Raymond Pettibon. You may know him as the guy that created the Black Flag bars logo and most of the imagery for the SST label back in the day (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Minutemen, etc. etc. etc.).

Raymond has been a hero of mine for many years, and I cannot express how amazing this is to me. Stand Up! Dan is similarly stoked (it marks the first time his art has appeared on a SU!R release), and Raymond has been incredibly generous and enthusiastic to us. So if you've been thinking 'well, I don't have a record player...' think again and frame that shit (you'll still get a digital download of the show). If I can get all of these comedy goons in a room for a few hours we may even try to wrangle some sort of signed pre-order edition or something, stay tuned.

I'll be updating the last of my 2012 shows on Monday of next week after my gig with Yob on Sunday night (tickets are moving quick, get on it). Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 is aiming to be as epic as ever, and our set is scheduled for Saturday November 3rd just prior to Saul Williams and David Cross. Get tickets now. I'll be hosting a FFF Nites party that evening at Beerland as well. The weekend after I'll be taking the Altercation Tour on a run to Houston and then doing several shows as a part of Hell Yes Comedy Fest 2012 in New Orleans. Venues and details will be up soon.

Finally, I'm curating a monster of a show for New Year's Eve in Austin. It's gonna be my official end of days bash, and the lineup will be heavy duty. I'll be releasing details early via my mailing list on here, so sign up on the homepage if you want all the news first, we may do a pre-sale for it since the talent so far is eye-popping. 

See, told you I'd keep it short. Thanks for reading and hope to see you at the shows.