End Of Year Wrap

Well, Fun Fun Fun Fest was fantastic as usual. Big thanks to Graham, Moody and everyone at Transmission. Extra big thanks to Mike Patton, Saul Williams and, um, Val Kilmer for the hang time. Epic is not the word. Hannibal and David Cross killed as expected.

Tomorrow we head to Houston and then Hell Yes Comedy Fest in New Orleans. I'm excited to hit the road for some away gigs. These shows will pretty much be it for me for 2012. There may be one 'surprise' Texas date in the works for December (not Austin), and I'll be curating this mofo of a New Year's Eve gig:

Altercation's End of Days Bash!

NYE Dec. 31st, 2012 @ The New Movement Austin, 7th and Lavaca, 10 pm!

Hosted by JT and featuring:

Mack Lindsay, Joe Staats, Chris Cubas, Jake Flores, The Lizard Man (Circus Sideshow Legend), Zach Blair (Rise Against), Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers), David Rodriguez (Krum Bums), Satan (Stanhope's Unbookables), Lap Dance Open Mic featuring Blake Midgette and Burning Angel XXX Star Miss Genocide, a special appearance by Death Himself, plus plenty of special surprise guests, zany contests and more more more! WHOA!

Only $10 in advance and BYOB, plus a free 'champagne of beers' toast at midnight complete with noisy party crap! Tickets will be more at the door if any are left the night of (doubt it), so reserve your's NOW at this link:


Seriously, grab your tickets now, it shall rule. 21+, seating limited. Remember the recording? Right. Get your tickets.

Assuming the world is still around, we are looking good for an early spring release of our Stand Up! Records' debut 'Hostile Corporate Takeover'. More on that in the coming weeks. No more ATX shows for me after NYE until SXSW, although there will likely be some SUPER rad road gigs happening in February. Gotta keep those tight lipped until confirmed but they are looking to be monsters.

Happy holidays and thanks for your support all year long! Oh yeah, 'Altercation Archives' is sold out, so if you see a copy grab it. Thanks again.