End of Year

Happy Halloween. I'm glad to be home for it this year. The last tour was overall very good but long. 5 total days off from August 25-October 13 proved a bit much for my aging constitution. Thank you to everyone who came out to the gigs, you made the long drives worthwhile.

I'm taking November and December to wrap the touring cycle on this current batch of material before my new special hits in early 2016. I'll be doing some bigger festivals and some proper club shows throughout Texas. A handful of dates might spring up in January. Aside from that, I'm pretty spent for the moment. I'm sure I'll be doing more dates close to the release of the new special in February / March, but not willing to commit to anything right now. Currently, I want to try and finish this tour journal book that has been on hold since the summer. Also, give my brain time to rest so I can work on new material. Also also, I want hide from humanity in general a bit. Not from you. Them.

Here's the poster for the end of year dates. I'll have a limited run of these at the live shows, and some new shirts. Thanks as always for reading and coming to the shows, it is never taken for granted. - JT

 photo FALL LAST RITES POSTER_zpsyc1ypzdj.jpg