Austin News

Howdy. I'm home for 3 weeks, which feels like a lot and I'm totally ok with it. Watching CK's "Horace and Pete' which is well worth a look. Thanks to everyone who came out to the recent Memphis / Fargo / Minneapolis etc shows. I had a blast, even in the 106 degree heat.

I'm doing an Austin benefit set this Sunday with Starving Wolves, Ghost Knife and more for the Orlando shooting victims. I'm not anti-gun but I am totally anti-fucking-with-gay-people's-lives. So I'll be doing a short set even though I'm not 100% about laughing right now. But I can't say no to Dave Krum Bum. There will be an Altercation package up for raffle also, featuring signed items from people like The Sword, Henry Rollins, Murder Junkies, Lewis Black, Mindless Self Indulgence, etc.

I have two Austin shows planned for 2016. One will be a festival later in the year and one will be at Barracuda on 7th street on saturday august 13. This will be my new Stand Up! Records comedy special release party also. It should hit Itunes etc that week and the full DVD / Road Documentary package should be available at the show on 8/13. Amazon that week too. It's called 'Misanthrope' and it is an hour-long filmed special. Probably audio-only download on Itunes initially. The road documentary is available on the DVD filmed version physical copy only, at least intially, and it features some of my tour pals like Mishka Shubaly, David Heti, The Lizard Man, Brian Zeolla and some other familiar faces you will likely know.

Sniper 66 and Dirty Charley will be on the release party show, as they are some of my favorite people in the world. Also Joe Staats, Mike Wiebe and Lisa Friedrich rounding out the Altercation Tour. I hope to see you at the show, as it really is my only planned local club date of the year.

I'll be doing a few weeks of gigs to Chicago with Brian Zeolla in July, including some new markets like Detroit and Omaha. Florida in August. East coast in September. Festivals and west coast and maybe Alaska with Mishka in October / November. Mo Alexander and I are scheming for some super limited fly-in pre-Xmas co-headline shows in select markets for December. We are long overdue to work together but also our shared love of Prince demands appropriate settings. We are hoping it works out, and trying not to be cunts about it.

Speaking of...I'm also trying to work out a run of west coast dates with Ryan from Off With Their Heads for November. We have toured together in the past and are both depression-prone psychos and want it to happen. So hopefully it will. Schedules be zany but we are trying. Stay tuned.

I'll have a new merch store up online soon for stuff like vinyl and shirts because people have asked.Thanks for that. Here are the posters and I hope to see you August 13th all Austin friends. - JT

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