Altercation Comedy Festival + Some Updates

The 2017 Altercation Comedy Festival lineup dropped in full today. I'm pretty stoked on it. You can find the full thing below here. Big thanks to all the performing comics, sponsors and especially my bud Martini at Bleeding Heart for the rad as fuck promo videos. These things take a lot of doing, and I hope to see you there in September.

Tour starts tomorrow in Memphis with Josh McLane. 12 shows or so I think. I'm excited for the gigs, while still shaking the cobwebs out of my brain from Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas this past weekend. What a time. I needed it, quite honestly. As exhausted as I am from the late nights and ingestions, the punk scene always recharges my batteries. Some true blue friends. Thanks to everyone who packed the road stories show.

Another day, another Trump nightmare. I tried to listen to his 'announcement' today and made it about 4 minutes. What a clod. What a phony. So over it all. Sorry to anyone with kids. Good luck having bonus items like trees down the road. It won't affect him or anyone with his name. I'm sure they will be stoked on the solid gold bunker with the built-in olive garden or whatever they end up in. Could you imagine Trump taking a walk in the woods and just contemplating nature? Me either. I've gone from depression to anger to bemusement at it all by this point. We are the bad guys now. Anyway, whatever. Onward christian soldiers.

Still working on my new book. It is taking longer than I would like but life gets in the way and it is a pretty massive project. I'm optimistic it will be done by the end of the year. In the meantime, Stand Up! Records has been cool enough to release a limited vinyl split with Mishka Shubaly and myself, which should be out in late August. I'm stoked on it and hope you dig it. UK dates should be finalized soon too I hope. Waiting on some details.

Florida and east coast dates are slated for October. Some festival stuff for November. Truth be told, I'm feeling a little tired. It's been 130+ shows per year since 2014. I'm looking forward to hiding a bit this summer and late fall. Maybe have time to take a walk in the woods and contemplate nature while I still can. Sorry, a bit cranky. Anyway, here's the festival lineup and tickets are on sale now. Thank you for continuing to show up, I appreciate it more than you know. - JT