Akumal 2015 + New Dates

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Just back from 10 epic days spent across Mexico for the 2015 Akumal Comedy Festival. The event raised over 200,000 Pesos, which I think is a lot of cash. It was about 3x what we were aiming for, and will all go to the Red Cross in Mexico for emergency services. Gus Lynch was truly missed but the comics and crowds were tremendous. Hats off to Dan at Stand Up! Records for pulling off one of the best comedy festivals I've ever been a part of. Mike Stanley, Danny Lobell, Chad Daniels...so many fucking killers. Thanks all. Honored I was able to host as Pest of Fest.

I'll be dropping 60+ new dates on Monday. It pretty much takes me through October, and teams with some of my favorite people on the planet. November is booking up fast with mainly festivals. If you see your city odds are it will be my only show there in 2015. A few places might get two shows due to routing, or one is a festival and the other a smaller club gig, or I just like them better than wherever you live. In any event, I hope to see you out. A few places I normally like to play (Chicago, Seattle) don't seem to be in the cards this year, but I promise to get back asap.

The mysterious 'project' is in a holding pattern until May. Again, once I can speak more about it I will. Fingers crossed, it sounds really cool.

I'm also planning to film a new special this summer. It will be released on Stand Up! Records. Details here soon-ish.

Thanks for reading. Buy Jay Whitecotton's album when it drops later this year, it is gonna be a monster. - JT