A Hollywood Tale + SXSW News

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Today was a crazy one. I don't think I've been this tired in a long time, and I head to Xanax coma in 10 minutes. I saw Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart walking towards me on the street today, flanked by about 30 cameras. I took this photo for fun and kept walking. They stopped me and asked me for an interview. Sure.
Will was very tall and Kevin was very not tall. They asked me if I liked comedy movies. I said not really and pretending not to know who they were. This weirded them out a little, since I know they are in some new buddy cop flick or something they are promoting. Why not? Well, I'm a comic, so comedies are kind of like watching work for me...
awkward pause.
"Actually, yes."
This kind of stunned them. I found it all very funny.
They continued to press me for my favorite comedy movies. I said "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and "Clue" were two recent films I enjoyed. Kevin seemed genuinely confused, Will seemed a tad pissed that this was not going as planned. After another 8 mintes or so they wrapped it up. I said "hey, would you wanna get a group photo together or something to immortalize this moment?" Will said "NO" and walked away. I silently cracked up and Kevin aplogized to me for Will and they went about their merry way. I signed a release and it may be on Funny or Die at some point. I don't know but I sure had fun.

Also of note - yes I have an exciting new project in the works I've been asked to head up. I can't say much more than that aside from that it is a comedy-specific series of sorts. I've been keeping it under wraps since I still don't know all the details, but today the cat was kind of let out of the bag sdue to a 9 hour shoot around downtown. I think it will be really cool if it turns into a thing. I'll update on here when / if I'm allowed to.
Thanks as always. - JT