2012 News

Welcome to 2012, which has so far been pretty stellar. I've added some dates to the calendar page, including a weekend run of road stories with Billy Milano (MOD), Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers), Mack Lindsay (Warped Tour) and Joe Staats (Fun fun fun Fest) that will be hitting Denton and Houston, TX. SXSW is gonna be nuts too, details on those shows coming soon.

I've been doing a quick run of press this week, including a lengthy chat alongside Joe Staats on Seth Cockfield's radio program 'Grow Up!', an archive of which can be found here:


I've got some more radio interviews and podcasts coming up in the next few days and will be adding details as they are produced.

Joe Sib and I are currently threatening the Stern Brothers with various forms of bodily harm in an attempt to get a real-deal punk comedy party going during PRB Las Vegas 2012. Either way, I'll be in sin city that weekend. Again, more info as we get them.

I just signed on to curate and headline a 6-month residency at the New Movement Theater in Austin, which will be the 2nd Saturday of every month starting in April. The show will feature a totally different crew of support performers each time, and I plan to do a totally different 30 minute+ headline set, so you could theoretically see each show and never see the same performance twice. These gigs will be more 'road stories' in approach, and expect special guest band dudes etc. to stop by. It should be a neat challenge.

Not sure yet what the summer will bring, although it is looking like Festival stuff for the fall. I'm also putting the finishing touches on my long-in-the-works Altercation Archives book, which will be out hopefully by April.

Thanks for reading and more info soon!