A Rare Sincere Post


The last film to make me openly weep was ‘Big Fish’. It was many, many years ago. A picture that effectively killed Spaulding Gray. Google it. Heavy stuff.

Last night, on a ten hour flight across the ocean, I finally watched ‘’Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”. I had steadied myself in advance; I knew it was a notorious tearjerker, but remained convinced not an emotional grenade that would shrapnel me. Boy, was I wrong.

I'm not so far gone inside my own press hype as to not admit that I cried. Quietly, in my seat, drinking increasingly warming bourbon while the plane walls rattled from terrifying turbulence I tried to ignore.

Truth be told, I am not an easy fan of children, of theology, of general open book goodwill. After all, I’m from New York - you learn early to toughen up. I was an atheist by 14, and goodwill was an earned quotient.

This is not to say that I was combative by nature in regards to my non-belief...some of the best people I know today are people of faith. Close friends. Many happen to be in famous bands. I’m not going to name them, because that doesn’t matter. It also doesn't matter that we disagree on what formed the world, when. What matters is this - these friends share a similar, admirable strain of faith with the man many close to him simply called Fred.

Mr. Rogers was, in every sense that matters, a true Christian. Tolerant. Empathetic. Selfless. Caring. Someone who listens. A man who knows the power of occasional quiet reflection.

Sadly, an ever-increasing rarity.

I don't know if it is the fact that I travel a lot, or that the current climate in the U.S. has hardened my resolve to pay a debt that isn't mine to really carry...I tip absurdly heavy and drown in an ocean of manners as a default, meek apology while abroad, hoping in some small way to turn an opinion positive that probably does not even exist...but this film, and it’s in-depth portrait of Rogers as a true person, crushed me in the best possible way.

I'm from the 'land of the free and the home of the brave.' For a long time, as hokey as it was, I felt a lot of truth in that saying. Americans were long thought of as arrogant by the rest of the world...shit, I KNOW I have moments of pure American arrogance and loath myself in the dead of night for those minutes in retrospect...but for many years I considered American pride an 'earned' arrogance.

I understand your knee-jerk to that statement, but hear me out. America was formed on the concept of 'fuck you'. We were gonna go our own way, and fight for it. That's bravery. The understood basis that your particular, individualized talent helped define you in U.S. capitalist society...whether you were an ace in math, could clean teeth, had a knack for illustration, god forbid could spin a humorous yarn on stage...was inherent and spawned hard work. The cream would ideally rise to the top based on some semblance of merit and talent and drive. Yes, I understand inherent racism of the times pushed many of the deserving down - but you grasp my point I hope.

That point being - there is a bravery in 'fuck you'.

There is a bravery in 'I'm going to try and create a steam engine'. There's a bravery in 'This is beat poetry and the open road and screw your war'. There is a bravery in 'I'm not moving to the back of the bus.' There is courage in 'I have a right to marry the person I love.'

And bravery, as terrifying as it often is in the moment, inevitable yields either resolute defeat...or true freedom. But somewhere along the line, that American arrogance I felt a begrudging sense of pride in got corrupted. It became an arrogance of assumption. Of haughty 'I got mine' candor. Of entitlement. Of scorn towards 'the other'. I have seen it in full peacock feathers over the past 10 days while traveling abroad. And it makes me want to slide into the floor.

Mr. Rogers has eclipsed the definition of a hero; he has achieved sainthood. I'm not kidding. Forget your postage stamp, put this man in stained glass. He is humanity at its finest. He diminishes my cynical default. He makes me want to be better.

This film will leave you changed, and if it doesn't you are hardened beyond hope. It wasn’t the ending of the picture that punched my tear ducts, or even, honestly, the overall ‘try and be a light for good’ sentiment. It was the thought of how truly horrified Mr. Rogers would be by what passes as now-daily commonality in our public discourse. That, to me, was overwhelmingly sad. Almost crushing.

I will not go as far as to say I am ashamed, currently, to be American. That's false. Some days I admittedly come close. I cringe at our barely-elected mouthpieces weekly. But the hard truth is, ultimately, I find myself longing for the days when America chose its self-defining traits - bravery, earned freedom - above all else.

Today, we do not define ourselves as a united nation, but out of divided, blind party loyalty. These are not centrist times we are living in. At a certain point, you have to choose a side, or become complicit by default. Myself included.

Regardless of party, I will choose global empathy. A free press. A nation built on checks and balances, not partisan greed and physical walls that boast strength but instead project cowardice. A united front against all those sympathetic to nazi stances, head-on. This is the America I choose to try and represent, wherever I am in the world.

For those that believe, Christ died a long time ago. I'm not here to debate that. If faith helps you, I'm legitimately happy for you. If you attack my LGBT friends, we have a problem. Regardless of which side of the tolerance fence you reside on, I am firmly of the opinion that our country could use an updated rhetoric.

Enough with 'WWJD'. From here on out, I'm doing my best to re-commit daily, mentally, to 'WWMR.RD'.

Hokey? Absolutely. But sometimes hokey is still the right path.

Call it a compromise of faith.

New York, I will see you Monday. Texas, I will see you soon. National stages...free of this heaviness and large on dick jokes, scout's honor...I will see you beginning November 6 - December 8.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe. Please vote with your empathy leading the way. See you out there. - JT


2017 Tour Dates


Here's the rest of my year, hope to see you out there. Thanks.

8/1 - Dab Lounge w/ Kyle Pogue, Colorado Springs, CO
8/2 - Uncorked, Denver, CO 8pm
8/2 - Aaron Wentz Showcase, Denver, CO 9:30pm
8/3 - Tilted Kilt w/ Patrick Sirois, Kileen, TX
8/4 - Joshua McLane Album Recording! Kick Butt, Austin, TX
8/5 - Three Links w/ Avery Moore, Dallas, TX 6:30pm
8/5 - Sunshine Bar, Arlington, TX 10pm
8/6 - Marquee Moon, Houston, TX
8/26 - Standup In The Wyldes Comedy Festival, Cornwall, UK
8/27 - Standup In The Wyldes Comedy Festival, Cornwall, UK
9/30 - Altercation Comedy Festival 2017, Austin, TX
10/9 - Raindog's w/ Brian Zeolla, Jacksonville, FL
10/10 - Loosey's, Gainesville, FL
10/11 - Tir Ni Nog - Daytona Beach, FL
10/12 - John & Peter's w/ Jay Chanoine, New Hope, PA
10/13 - TBA w/ Woods Stevens, Philadelphia, PA
10/14 - Millhill Basement, Trenton, NJ
10/15 - TBA, Easton, PA
10/17 - O'brien's, Danbury, CT
10/18 - The Shaskeen w/ Nick Lavallee, Manchester, NH
10/19 - Lincoln's, Portland, ME
10/20 - Galactic Theater, Providence, RI
10/21 - Cabot Comedy Club, Chicopee, MA
11/10-12 Sound On Sound Fest 2017, McDade, TX
11/18-19 Relapse Theater, Atlanta, GA
11/20 - Star Bar, Atlanta, GA
12/1 - TBA w/ Joe Sib San Antonio, TX
12/2 - Kick Butt w/ Joe Sib Austin, TX
12/3 - Three Links w/ Joe Sib Dallas, TX

Altercation Comedy Festival + Some Updates


The 2017 Altercation Comedy Festival lineup dropped in full today. I'm pretty stoked on it. You can find the full thing below here. Big thanks to all the performing comics, sponsors and especially my bud Martini at Bleeding Heart for the rad as fuck promo videos. These things take a lot of doing, and I hope to see you there in September.

Tour starts tomorrow in Memphis with Josh McLane. 12 shows or so I think. I'm excited for the gigs, while still shaking the cobwebs out of my brain from Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas this past weekend. What a time. I needed it, quite honestly. As exhausted as I am from the late nights and ingestions, the punk scene always recharges my batteries. Some true blue friends. Thanks to everyone who packed the road stories show.

Another day, another Trump nightmare. I tried to listen to his 'announcement' today and made it about 4 minutes. What a clod. What a phony. So over it all. Sorry to anyone with kids. Good luck having bonus items like trees down the road. It won't affect him or anyone with his name. I'm sure they will be stoked on the solid gold bunker with the built-in olive garden or whatever they end up in. Could you imagine Trump taking a walk in the woods and just contemplating nature? Me either. I've gone from depression to anger to bemusement at it all by this point. We are the bad guys now. Anyway, whatever. Onward christian soldiers.

Still working on my new book. It is taking longer than I would like but life gets in the way and it is a pretty massive project. I'm optimistic it will be done by the end of the year. In the meantime, Stand Up! Records has been cool enough to release a limited vinyl split with Mishka Shubaly and myself, which should be out in late August. I'm stoked on it and hope you dig it. UK dates should be finalized soon too I hope. Waiting on some details.

Florida and east coast dates are slated for October. Some festival stuff for November. Truth be told, I'm feeling a little tired. It's been 130+ shows per year since 2014. I'm looking forward to hiding a bit this summer and late fall. Maybe have time to take a walk in the woods and contemplate nature while I still can. Sorry, a bit cranky. Anyway, here's the festival lineup and tickets are on sale now. Thank you for continuing to show up, I appreciate it more than you know. - JT


Altercation Monthly Showcases + UK


I'll be headed to the UK this August, if you book comedy shows over there please message me via the 'contact' button on this site. Thanks! Also, this just unleashed, big thanks to Deep Eddy Vodka. tickets on sale NOW at www.brownpapertickets.com


Interrobang Reviews Altercation Comedy Festival 2016


HUGE thanks all.




'Misanthrope' Out Thursday!


My new special 'Misanthrope' comes out this Thursday. Here's the first review from the Laughbutton:


If you want the audio primarily it is like $9 and you can order it here. This helps with charting etc so thanks.


The full physical package can be ordered from the 'store' part of this very website.

Thanks a zillion, I hope you like it. Also this monster has been unleashed. More soon. Grab tickets! Cheers. - JT

 photo altercation poster final_zpsbtjlb3mq.jpg


Tour Dates Kick Tomorrow



with assorted guests / ALBUM RELEASE SHOWS!:
with Larry Fulford:
with Jay Chanoine:
SEPT 8 LOW BEAT, ALBANY, NY (w/ Dirty Charley too)

OCT 18 TBA LAS VEGAS, NV w/ Mishka Shubaly
OCT 19-23 TBA ALASKA w/ Mishka Shubaly

with Brian Zeolla:



Austin News


Howdy. I'm home for 3 weeks, which feels like a lot and I'm totally ok with it. Watching CK's "Horace and Pete' which is well worth a look. Thanks to everyone who came out to the recent Memphis / Fargo / Minneapolis etc shows. I had a blast, even in the 106 degree heat. 

I'm doing an Austin benefit set this Sunday with Starving Wolves, Ghost Knife and more for the Orlando shooting victims. I'm not anti-gun but I am totally anti-fucking-with-gay-people's-lives. So I'll be doing a short set even though I'm not 100% about laughing right now. But I can't say no to Dave Krum Bum. There will be an Altercation package up for raffle also, featuring signed items from people like The Sword, Henry Rollins, Murder Junkies, Lewis Black, Mindless Self Indulgence, etc. 

I have two Austin shows planned for 2016. One will be a festival later in the year and one will be at Barracuda on 7th street on saturday august 13. This will be my new Stand Up! Records comedy special release party also. It should hit Itunes etc that week and the full DVD / Road Documentary package should be available at the show on 8/13. Amazon that week too. It's called 'Misanthrope' and it is an hour-long filmed special. Probably audio-only download on Itunes initially. The road documentary is available on the DVD filmed version physical copy only, at least intially, and it features some of my tour pals like Mishka Shubaly, David Heti, The Lizard Man, Brian Zeolla and some other familiar faces you will likely know. 

Sniper 66 and Dirty Charley will be on the release party show, as they are some of my favorite people in the world. Also Joe Staats, Mike Wiebe and Lisa Friedrich rounding out the Altercation Tour. I hope to see you at the show, as it really is my only planned local club date of the year. 

I'll be doing a few weeks of gigs to Chicago with Brian Zeolla in July, including some new markets like Detroit and Omaha. Florida in August. East coast in September. Festivals and west coast and maybe Alaska with Mishka in October / November. Mo Alexander and I are scheming for some super limited fly-in pre-Xmas co-headline shows in select markets for December. We are long overdue to work together but also our shared love of Prince demands appropriate settings. We are hoping it works out, and trying not to be cunts about it. 

Speaking of...I'm also trying to work out a run of west coast dates with Ryan from Off With Their Heads for November. We have toured together in the past and are both depression-prone psychos and want it to happen. So hopefully it will. Schedules be zany but we are trying. Stay tuned.


Summer Dates


 photo JT MISANTHROPE TEASER 2 may_zpsm6pwbtu2.jpg


Spring 2016


 photo JT MISANTHROPE TEASER_zpsrprpxaad.jpg


RIP Ramsey


 photo ramsey jt_zpsy4wbuxdz.jpg

I turned 40 the other day, and tonight I had to again say goodbye to a dear friend. Ramsey was an amazing cat. He was almost 19, and survived an assortment of ailments so insane I can't even list them all via a reasonable list. The only cat I well-intentionally and ill-advisedly performed home surgery on (long story, he was fine and I learned a lesson). One of the toughest and kindest animals I have ever encountered.

I realize to a lot of people I live a strange, adolescent-postponing type of lifestyle. Totally true. But every once in a while the harsher realities of life smack you in the face and force you to fast-forward your perspective. Losing some of my favorite pets ever in the past few months has made me feel more 'like an adult' than most anything else. Heartbreak will age you like nothing else. I feel a bit hardened, and it feels new.

We knew Ramsey did not have long left. He went downhill fast in the last week. But he stuck it out for another few days. Best birthday present ever. Endlessly gentle and calm.

I'm sitting in his favorite chair, drunk and sad, and for the first time all week I truly feel like I'm 40. Thanks for the kind messages and farewell Ramsey. You were a true prince among thieves. - JT


March Tour


Back from the desert with Mishka Shubaly. Epic tour, thank you all. Superbowl bash was amazing this year, if ya know then ya know.

I'm headed out with the Svetlanas from USSR this March and could not be more stoked. Joe Staats does primary support on the Altercation Tour, we are on every date except 3/18-20. Possibly the only statestide Svetlanas dates for 2016 so don't miss it. Added bands on every show, no other comics.

Thanks, more tour news and special updates coming real soon.

 photo svets tour_zps2njgvmcj.jpg


New Special Teaser


My new special 'Misanthrope' will be hitting this spring on Stand Up! Records. Here's a sneak peek at it, music by Mishka.


Mishka Tour


This is usually where I write a big thing and kickoff the new year, but lucky for me Mishka wrote something I can get behind and just post it here:


We hit the road in early February, dates and venues on the site. Three hometown Austin shows also posted for January. More shows in the works for March and I'll be looping back to Colorado etc. in May. Stay tuned for more. Thanks.

 photo mishka jt poster 16_zpskjpbprds.jpg


That's A Wrap


 photo x354-q80_zpsjnsncqhh.jpg

That's a wrap on 2015. About 110+ shows including festivals, not too bad. I'm looking forward to getting my brain back a little and being home for a few weeks. Also, working on finishing this tour journal book I'm in the middle of writing.

There will be a few Austin gigs in January, then likely some road dates with Mishka Shubaly to kick off 2016. The new one hour special will be out in the spring at some point. It's called 'Misanthrope' and will be released on Stand Up! Records. Aside from that I have no idea what the plan is for next year. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Sincere thanks to everyone who came out to the shows this year. Cheers and adios for now. - JT


End of Year


Happy Halloween. I'm glad to be home for it this year. The last tour was overall very good but long. 5 total days off from August 25-October 13 proved a bit much for my aging constitution. Thank you to everyone who came out to the gigs, you made the long drives worthwhile.

I'm taking November and December to wrap the touring cycle on this current batch of material before my new special hits in early 2016. I'll be doing some bigger festivals and some proper club shows throughout Texas. A handful of dates might spring up in January. Aside from that, I'm pretty spent for the moment. I'm sure I'll be doing more dates close to the release of the new special in February / March, but not willing to commit to anything right now. Currently, I want to try and finish this tour journal book that has been on hold since the summer. Also, give my brain time to rest so I can work on new material. Also also, I want hide from humanity in general a bit. Not from you. Them.

Here's the poster for the end of year dates. I'll have a limited run of these at the live shows, and some new shirts. Thanks as always for reading and coming to the shows, it is never taken for granted. - JT

 photo FALL LAST RITES POSTER_zpsyc1ypzdj.jpg


Fests etc


This goddamn site just erased the blog I just posted so here is a shorter version - I'll be doing a bunch of festivals this fall, including Hell Yes New Orleans, Awesomefest San Diego and Elm Street Tattoo Dallas. Check the killer poster below for Dallas, tickets on sale this week.

I'm headed out to the east coast starting on Weds, and will be gone pretty much until mid-October. I'll be previewing material from my new upcoming one-hour filmed special entitled 'Misanthrope', which will be out early next year on Stand Up! Records. You will likely be able to find it on various streaming services too. More on that as I get info. I'll also be filming a road documentary this fall, which will be available as a special feature on the upcoming DVD. Or something. So if you see a camera at a show don't freak out about Obama.

Stand Up! Records is also issuing a VERY limited edition CD of my birthday roast, featuring members of The Sword, Krum Bums, Lower Class Brats, etc. You can only get the CD at shows or in a limited amount from my podcast website at theroadpodcast.com for a donation of $10. We are only pressing a few hundred and once they are gone that's all folks. Jim Ether did the amazing cover art.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you at the shows. I miss my dog. - JT

 photo elm st_zpswny17a95.jpg




I'll be doing Fun Fun Fun Fest alongside Jane's Addiction, L7, Cheap Trick and many more this November. Hope to see you there. We will be on Friday at 1pm on the Yellow Comedy Stage.

 photo unnamed_zps3uerrm8a.png


RIP Taz the Merch Dog


I lost my best friend today. RIP Taz. I'm crushed.

 photo tazzy boy sleep_zpssfmgzegh.jpg




Howdy. I'm gearing up to tape my new special for Stand Up! Records on July 11th. It will be at Three Links in Dallas from 6-9pm and it's free. Hope to see you there. I also just booked a tour of S. Korea for December. Should be a hoot. Here are the rest of my dates through October. More groovy festivals set for November. Thanks.


Fri. July 10: Sunshine Bar, Arlington, TX
Sat. July 11: Three Links, Dallas, TX NEW SPECIAL LIVE TAPING! 6-9pm
Sat. July 18: Weird! True Hollywood Tales, Austin, TX

Wed. July 29: The Station, Baton Rouge, LA

Sat. Aug. 1: Sure Thing @ Austin Java, Austin, TX
Weds Aug. 5: Badland's w/ Misfits' Michale Graves, Austin, TX

(w/ Mishka Shubaly)
Thu. Aug. 6: 5pm Mutiny Info Cafe, Denver, CO
Thu. Aug. 6: 8pm Highland's Comedy @ Sushi Hai, Denver, CO
Fri. Aug. 7: Patero's Creek Brewery, Fort Collins, CO
Sat. Aug. 8: 6pm Tooey's Off Colfax, Denver, CO
Sat. Aug. 8: 10pm Triple Nickel Tavern, Colorado Springs, CO
Sun. Aug. 9: Bohemian Biergarten, Boulder, CO 

(w/ Nick Lavallee)
Weds. Aug. 26: Comedy Connection, Providence, RI (+Ray Harrington + Rob Pierce)
Thu. Aug. 27: House of Blues, Boston, MA
Fri. Aug. 28: Fast Eddie's New Milford, CT
Sat. Aug. 29: Mill Hill Basement, Trenton, NJ (+David Heti)
Sun. Aug. 30: PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA (+David Heti)
Mon. Aug. 31: You're Welcome Inn, Bethlehem, PA
Tue. Sept. 1: Bundy Museum of Art, Binghamton, NY
Wed. Sept. 2: The Shaskeen, Manchester, NH (+Jay Chanoine)
Thu. Sept. 3: Haligan Tavern, Derry, NH (+Jay Chanoine)

(w/ Mishka Shubaly + Ron Babcock)
Fri. Sept. 4: Awesomefest 2015 San Diego, CA
Sat. Sept. 5: Third Space, Phoenix, AZ
Sun. Sept. 6: Mr. Head's Tucson, AZ
Mon. Sept 7: The Stock Exchange, Bisbee, AZ
Thu. Sept. 10: Opal Divine's, Austin, TX
Fri. Sept. 11: Blind Tiger, San Antonio, TX

(w/ Jay Whitecotton + Brian Zeolla)
Fri. Sept. 18: San Angelo, TX
Sat. Sept. 19: Leftwoods, Amarillo, TX
Sun. Sept. 20: Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK
Mon. Sept. 21: Ryleigh's, Fayetteville, AR
Tue: Sept. 22: Sound Pony, Tulsa, OK
Weds Sept. 23: Juanita's, Little Rock, AR
Thu. Sept. 24: Murphy's, Memphis, TN
Fri. Sept. 25: Big Sleepy's, Jackson, MS
Sat. Sept. 26: Prototype Multimedia, Huntsville, AL
Sun. Sept. 27: East Room, Nashville, TN
Mon. Sept. 28: Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN
Tue. Sept. 29: JJ's Bohemia, Chattanooga, TN
Weds. Sept. 30: Slim's, Raleigh, NC
Thu. Oct. 1: New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC
Fri. Oct. 2: Orlando Indie Comedy Fest 2015, Orlando, FL
Sat. Oct. 3: Kreepy Tiki Bar, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sun. Oct 4: Frank's Place, Daytona Beach, FL
Mon. Oct. 5: Rain Dogs, Jacksonville, FL
Tue. Oct. 6: High Dive, Gainesville, FL
Weds. Oct. 7: Bird's Oyster Shack, Tallahassee, FL
Thu. Oct. 8: Ashley Street Station's Octoberfest 2015, Valdosta, GA
Fri. Oct. 9: GT South, Montgomery, AL
Sat. Oct. 10: Hell Yes Fest 2015, New Orleans, LA
Sun. Oct 11: JP's, Lafayette, LA


Today's Comedy Radio + New Dates


 photo LOGO_zpsnc3loyku.png

Greetings. I'm recovering from food poisoning and finally able to type. Good times. Apologies to Houston for the last minute cancellation, there was no way I could drive. I'll have a make good date soon.

I'm the guest host comic on Today's Comedy Radio all this week. You can find it on the radio in cities like Denver, Phoenix and Austin, or can listen online here:


Big thanks to George at Today's Comedy for asking me to host, I'm having a blast getting to spin folks like Mack Lindsay, Stanhope, Hicks and the rest of the greats. I'll be on every hour at least once through this weekend.

I'm recording my new special for Stand Up! Records on July 11th. It's going to be filmed for some sort of release in early 2016, either online streaming or DVD etc. Bleeding Heart will be producing the shoot and they rule. My BFF Mishka Shubaly will be providing me with a song for it too. Boner city. I'll be doing a 99% all new hour of never-recorded stuff. It's at Three Links in Dallas, it's a Saturday night, it's from 6-9pm and it's free. You heckle you die. Lots of rad pals open the show, hope to see you there.

Here are all my tour dates from now until October. There will be festivals and a handful of club dates to finish off the year too. The TBA venues will be announced soon but the dates are all solid. Thanks and I hope to see you on the road. - JT

(with Jay Chanoine)

Thu. May 28: Opal Divine’s, Austin, TX fri. May 29: Blind Tiger, San Antonio, TX Sat. May 30: Sunshine Bar, Arlington, TX Sun. May 31: Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX Tue. June 2: Opolis, Norman, OK Weds. June 3: Ryleigh’s, Fayetteville, AR Thu. June 4: The Joint, Little Rock, AR Fri. June 5: Memphis Punk Fest 2015, Memphis, TN Sat. June 6: Brewsky’s, Hattiesburg, MS sun. June 7: The Hi-Lo, New Orleans, LA

(with Joe Staats, Mike Wiebe, Dave Krum Bum, Brian Breckenridge)

Fri. July 10: Sunshine Bar, Arlington, TX Sat. July 11: Three Links, Dallas, TX ***live NEW SPECIAL taping!

(with Mishka Shubaly)

thu. aug. 6: mutiny information cafe, denver, co Fri. Aug. 7: Patero’s Creek Brewery, Fort Collins, CO Sat. Aug. 8: TBA, Denver, CO Sun. Aug. 9: Bohemian Biergarten, Boulder, CO

(with Nick Lavallee)

Weds Aug. 26: Comedy Connection, Providence, RI Thu. Aug. 27: House of Blues, Boston, MA Fri. Aug. 28: Fast Eddie’s, New Milford, CT Sat. Aug. 29: Mill Hill Basement, Trenton, NJ Sun. Aug. 30: PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA Mon. Aug. 31: You’re Welcome Inn, Bethlehem, PA Tue. Sept. 1: Bundy Museum of Art, Binghamton, NY Wed. Sept. 2: The Shaskeen, Manchester, NH Thu. Sept. 3: Haligan Tavern, Derry, NH

(with Mishka Shubaly and Ron Babcock)

Fri. Sept. 4: Awesomefest 2015 San Diego, CA Sat. Sept. 5: Stand Up Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ Sun. Sept. 6: Mr. Head’s Tucson, AZ Mon. Sept 7: Stock Exchange, Bisbee, AZ Weds Sept. 9: TBA, El Paso, TX Thu. Sept. 10: TBA, Austin, TX Fri. Sept. 11: The Blind Tiger, San Antonio, TX

(with Jay Whitecotton and Brian Zeolla)

Fri. Sept. 18: tba, San Angelo, TX Sat. Sept. 19: the Leftwoods, Amarillo, TX Sun. Sept. 20: The Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK Mon. Sept. 21: Ryleigh’s, Fayetteville, AR Tue: Sept. 22: Sound Pony, Tulsa, OK Weds Sept. 23: Juanita’s, Little Rock, AR Thu. Sept. 24: TBA, Memphis, TN Fri. Sept. 25: TBA, Atlanta, GA Sat. Sept. 26: Prototype Multimedia, Huntsville, AL Sun. Sept. 27: East Room, Nashville, TN Mon. Sept. 28: Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN Tue. Sept. 29: JJ’s bohemia, Chattanooga, TN Weds Sept. 30: Slim’s, Raleigh, NC Thu. Oct. 1: New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC Fri. Oct. 2: Wormhole, Savannha, GA Sat. Oct. 3: TBA, Orlando, FL Sun. Oct 4: TBA, Daytona Beach, FL Mon. Oct. 5: Rain Dogs, Jacksonville, FL Tue. Oct. 6: TBA, Gainesville, FL Weds. Oct. 7: Bird’s Oyster Shack, Tallahassee, FL Thu. Oct. 8: Ashley Street Station, Valdosta, GA Fri. Oct. 9: GT South, Montgomery, AL Sat. Oct. 10: Hell Yes Fest 2015, New Orleans, LA Sun. Oct 11: JP’s, Lafayette, LA


Akumal 2015 + New Dates


 photo akumal roach_zpsunxyuu0e.jpg

Just back from 10 epic days spent across Mexico for the 2015 Akumal Comedy Festival. The event raised over 200,000 Pesos, which I think is a lot of cash. It was about 3x what we were aiming for, and will all go to the Red Cross in Mexico for emergency services. Gus Lynch was truly missed but the comics and crowds were tremendous. Hats off to Dan at Stand Up! Records for pulling off one of the best comedy festivals I've ever been a part of. Mike Stanley, Danny Lobell, Chad Daniels...so many fucking killers. Thanks all. Honored I was able to host as Pest of Fest.

I'll be dropping 60+ new dates on Monday. It pretty much takes me through October, and teams with some of my favorite people on the planet. November is booking up fast with mainly festivals. If you see your city odds are it will be my only show there in 2015. A few places might get two shows due to routing, or one is a festival and the other a smaller club gig, or I just like them better than wherever you live. In any event, I hope to see you out. A few places I normally like to play (Chicago, Seattle) don't seem to be in the cards this year, but I promise to get back asap.

The mysterious 'project' is in a holding pattern until May. Again, once I can speak more about it I will. Fingers crossed, it sounds really cool.

I'm also planning to film a new special this summer. It will be released on Stand Up! Records. Details here soon-ish.

Thanks for reading. Buy Jay Whitecotton's album when it drops later this year, it is gonna be a monster. - JT


A Hollywood Tale + SXSW News


 photo 11071751_10153200956489579_9112097492463130029_n_zpsxhkos58k.jpg

Today was a crazy one. I don't think I've been this tired in a long time, and I head to Xanax coma in 10 minutes. I saw Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart walking towards me on the street today, flanked by about 30 cameras. I took this photo for fun and kept walking. They stopped me and asked me for an interview. Sure.
Will was very tall and Kevin was very not tall. They asked me if I liked comedy movies. I said not really and pretending not to know who they were. This weirded them out a little, since I know they are in some new buddy cop flick or something they are promoting. Why not? Well, I'm a comic, so comedies are kind of like watching work for me...
awkward pause.
"Actually, yes."
This kind of stunned them. I found it all very funny.
They continued to press me for my favorite comedy movies. I said "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and "Clue" were two recent films I enjoyed. Kevin seemed genuinely confused, Will seemed a tad pissed that this was not going as planned. After another 8 mintes or so they wrapped it up. I said "hey, would you wanna get a group photo together or something to immortalize this moment?" Will said "NO" and walked away. I silently cracked up and Kevin aplogized to me for Will and they went about their merry way. I signed a release and it may be on Funny or Die at some point. I don't know but I sure had fun.

Also of note - yes I have an exciting new project in the works I've been asked to head up. I can't say much more than that aside from that it is a comedy-specific series of sorts. I've been keeping it under wraps since I still don't know all the details, but today the cat was kind of let out of the bag sdue to a 9 hour shoot around downtown. I think it will be really cool if it turns into a thing. I'll update on here when / if I'm allowed to.
Thanks as always. - JT


Gator Bait Tour Wrap


 photo 1798642_10153185907539579_6165543878444665913_n_zpsibcnfles.jpg

Hello. It's my first day home from the Gator Bait tour with Joe Staats and Brian Zeolla. I have to say, the shows were overall a blast. I was especially impressed with some markets we had never hit before. Orlando was rad. Jacksonville was fantastic. Montgomery was super fun and filled with southern hospitality. So thanks to everyone who showed up, especially you maniacs that sat in the 40 degree rain in Gainesville, and high fives to everyone who let us crash along the way.

This month now goes from zero to insanity within the span of 4 days. I will not be performing any sets during SXSW, but you may see me on the streets of downtown quite a bit. Some exciting things are afoot. More details as I am allowed to talk about them. Sorry to be all cloak and dagger but if it comes to fruition it will be a mighty cool thing. The Altercation Records events will be in full swing of course, with our 10 year anniversary bash slated for March 20th (Dead Boys' Cheetah Chrome and LOTS more rock that) and the annual Altercation Punk Rock BBQ hitting on March 21st. All free.

In terms of future shows I'll be doing some festivals upcoming. Stand Up! Records' Akumal Comedy Festival in Mexico from April 14-18. Loudfest 2015 in May in Bryan, TX. Memphis Punk Festival in June. Joe Sib and I will not be appearing at Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas this year. We both hope you all have a drunken blast. Jay Whitecotton and I will be heading out on a run in June as well. The fall will see more festivals and another teaming with Mishka Shubaly, as we continue our bromance across the nation.

That's it. TheRoadPodcast is close to hitting 20K downloads, which is amazing. So thank you for that and for continuing to show up to the gigs. Cheers for now. - JT


Tour Wrap, New Tour


 photo 1509077_10153321555114505_8286484018686599902_n_zps769356e4.jpg

Home after an epic few weeks of tour with the devine Mishka Shubaly and Jay Whitecotton. Thank you all for making it such an epic run. Jay is recording his debut album for Stand Up! Records this Friday in San Antonio, Mishka and I are already scheming about future things. Hat tip to Joe Purdy, Jobi Deathpool, Chaille, Brett Erickson and everyone else that helped keep us sane on the road. Huge thanks as always to Stanhope and Stand Up! Records Dan for their endless support.

The birthday roast Sunday night was fittingly brutal and hilarious. The audio is up right now at www.theroadpodcast.com and will be available for about a week or so. It may see the light of day in physical form some day, who knows.

My next leg of tour kicks off next week. 'Gator Bait 2015' starts and ends in Louisiana. Joe Staats features and Brian Zeolla supports on all shows, along with special regional guests. All dates and venues are live in the tour section right now. April - June is looking to be mainly solo festival appearances for me, with a handful of club dates in the mix. Some bigger things are brewing too, more on that as they develop.

Thanks as always, see you on the road. - JT


Modern Drunkard


Tour with Mishka kicks off this Tuesday at the North Door in Austin, Texas. Stoked to announce that beginning with that show you will now be able to grab a free issue of 'Modern Drunkard' Magazine at the merch table for most of my dates. See you on the road.

 photo banner2_zpsc8d8efe9.jpg


Doug Podcast


nice shoutout from grandpa Stanhope about the upcoming tour with Mishka Shubaly and I on the newest podcast. Subscribe to his old man rantings before he leaves this mortal coil. See you lunatics at the shows, all dates at JTcomedy.com and note: Junior had to drop off this run for a tv thing. Hoping to do more with him later in the year. Sorry, it was unavoidable. Jay Whitecotton takes his place for most of the gigs. 


2015 Shows


Venues will be posted on here shortly after the new year. Feb. 15 is my birthday roast at North Door, it will be an epic night of burns. These shows are my last in these markets for quite a while so hope to see you out. thanks.

 photo poster2015black_zpsb7d427d3.jpg


Winter Tour


I'm heading out on a winter tour with my pal Mishka Shubaly. He's fantastic and you might know his music from Stanhope's podcast. Jay Whitecotton will be supporting on the first week, 2nd week is hopefully Mike Wiebe. Dates are below, venues and specifics coming in a week.

I'll also be doing an Altercation run dubbed 'Gator Bait 2015' the end of Feb into March. We will be hitting a lot of the Southeast including Florida / Louisiana / Alabama etc. Joe Staats and Brian Zeolla support on that run. Dates and venues soon, last time in those markets for a good while so hope to see you at a show. Thanks. - JT

 photo doublefretcrop_zps9ec609b1.jpg




 photo Unknown_zpsce6dee59.png

anyone remember the old Atari game 'River Raid'? You were this airplane and every once in a while the screen would scream 'LOW FUEL!' and blink rapidly and an alarm would sound and you would have to fly over these little houses that re-energized you and kept you moving towards whatever the next level was...anyway, that how I feel about the new Burr and Jeffries' specials. New additional Feb. / March dates coming next week.


RIP Gus Lynch


 photo gus_zps51913858.jpg

Gus Lynch passed away yesterday after a fucked up fall from a Mayan pyramid while vacationing with his family in Mexico. Leave it to Gus to go out with an insane story like that one. If you caught the Altercation Tour or Stand Up! Records showcases at Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans two weeks ago then you saw Gus in action. I feel incredibly sad, but also more than a tad lucky for the laughs and quality time we had together during HYF. 

Gus was a talented motherfucker, but more importantly he was kind and generous and not full of the wrong kind of bullshit. He was always encouraging but would bust your balls at the drop of a hat, and he was a hilarious party bear when the scene was ripe (Akumal Comedy Festival in May will live in my memory forever), but also a great family man when 'normal' life resumed. 

If you saw him perform you are lucky. I worked with him many times, so I am luckier. I cannot believe he is really gone. RIP buddy, thank you again for that last drink you bought me. You were a class act to the end.


End of 2014


Last night was a blast in Webster, TX and officially wrapped the 'Trim the Fat' run of shows for 2014. Thanks again to everyone, it has been a fairly epic year. I'll be doing some Texas shows to finish out, including three very rad Xmas sketch shows with a huge assortment of Altercation Tour alumni. Dates below. I'll also be with The Sword in Houston on Dec. 20th and hosting New Year's Eve at Red 7 with Peelander-Z and Drakulas. Get tickets for that one. Have a cool yule and I'll see you on the road again in late January with Mishka Shubaly. Venues soon on that one. Cheers.

 photo XMAS3_zpsa4f84d49.jpg


Tour Wrap


Now that was an epic 5 weeks of constant tour. Thank you all for the fantastic shows. Huge high-fives to Junior Stopka, Jay Whitecotton, Joe Staats, Nick Lavallee, Jay Chanoine, Mishka Shubaly, Dirty Charley, Kristen Becker and everyone else who made it out to a show. Jobi, Stanhope and Stand Up! Records Dan - you are saints in a sea of shitheads. Thank you sincerely.

Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend with Jello Biafra and King Diamond, Hell Yes Fest next weekend in New Orleans. December Xmas details announcing soon as well as some 2015 shows. Again, thanks.

 photo falljt_zps3d5d6dcb.jpg


Pre-Tour Stuff


I shot for a movie this past weekend. It was tiring and rad. I was also interviewed for this radio program:


Also was on Stanhope's podcast, you can check that out at theroadpodcast.com and also here on Doug's site:


Tour starts next week. Cannot wait. See you soon I hope. - JT




It's been exactly one month since I launched www.theroadpodcast.com and tonight we hit 3K individual streams / downloads of 8 total episodes. This is fairly crazy to me, and again I thank you for having any degree of interest in the stuff that pieces together my career at this point. It's a cliche I know, but know that I never take your support for granted. 

In all honesty, I was hesitant to even start a podcast, because every goddamn comic has one. Does the world need another? Nope. All the same, I've been surprised by how much I've been enjoying broadcasting again (it's what I got my degree in a million years ago), and the enthusiastic response has simply spiraled organically through word of mouth and social media. It's kind of insane to watch unfold. And awesome.

Being able to do completely uncensored broadcasting without some dick in a suit tossing in his 2 cents is incredibly liberating, and the fact that some people give a damn enough to spend their time listening is the most I could ask for. So again, thanks.

If you are on iTunes, do me a solid and rate / review the podcast. Apparently that matters when it comes to how many people see it, which turns into awareness. You can do that here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-road-podcast/id910027905

I have no plans to change the free format. If you keep listening I'll keep doing it. That's pretty much it. Here are a ton of tour dates, I hope to see you at some. All lineups are in the tour section. Tell a friend and thanks again. - JT

Mon. Oct. 6: Austin, TX: Spiderhouse Ballroom
Tues. Oct. 7: New Orleans, LA: Howlin’ Wolf 
Weds. Oct. 8: Baton Rouge, LA: The Station
Thu. Oct. 9: Gulfport, MS: Irish Coast Pub
Fri Oct. 10: Pensacola, FL: Big Easy Tavern 
Sat. Oct 11: Mobile, AL : Alchemy Tavern 
Sun. Oct 12: Gainesville, FL: Boca Fiesta
Mon. Oct. 13: Valdosta, GA: Ashley Street Station
Tue Oct. 14: Raleigh, NC: The Maywood 
Weds Oct. 15: Richmond, VA: Strange Matter
Thu Oct. 16: Arlington, VA: Drafthouse Cinema
Fri Oct 17: Baltimore, MD: The Sidebar
Sat Oct 18: Trenton, NJ : Mill Hill Basement 
Sun Oct 19: Brooklyn, NY: Don Pedro's 
Mon. Oct 20: New Haven, CT: Café 9 
Tue. Oct 21: Boston, MA : TT the Bear's
Weds. Oct 22: Manchester, NH: The Shaskeen 
Thu. Oct 23: Derry, NH: Halligan Tavern 
Fri. Oct 24: Albany, NY: The Low Beat 
Sat. Oct. 25: Kingston NY: Snapper Magee's
Sun: Oct. 26: Buffalo, NY: 9th Ward
Mon. Oct. 27: Erie PA: Basement Transmissions
Tue. Oct. 28: Cleveland, OH: Reddstone 
Weds. Oct. 29: South Bend, IN: The Drop Comedy Club
Thu Oct. 30: Chicago, IL: Reggie's 
Fri Oct. 31: Chicago, IL: The WIP Theater
Sat. Nov. 1: Louisville, KY: 3rd Street Dive
Sun Nov. 2: Nashville, TN: Spiffy Squirrel Comedy @ East Room
Mon. Nov. 3: Memphis, TN: The Hi-Tone
Tue. Nov. 4: Hot Springs, Ar: Low Key Arts
Weds. Nov. 5: Bryan, TX: Revolution Bar
Sat. Nov. 8: Austin, TX: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014- 1:30 pm Yellow Stage 
Fri. Nov. 14: Lafayette, LA: Sidebar
Sat. Nov. 15: New Orleans, LA: Hell Yes Fest - Headlining Sat. Night @ Siberia
Sun. Nov. 16: Lafayette, LA: JP's
Fri. Nov. 21: San Marcos, TX: Back Alley Comedy Lounge
Sat. Nov. 22: Webster, TX: Union Tavern
Fri. Dec. 12: San Antonio, TX: Altercation Ruins Xmas @ Blind Tiger 
Sat. Dec. 13: Austin, TX: Altercation Ruins Xmas @ Holy Mountain

2015 - Venues TBA soon.
Bisbee, AZ: Jan. 30, 2015
Tucson, AZ: Feb. 3
Phoenix, AZ: Feb. 4
San Diego, CA: Feb. 5
Los Angeles, CA: Feb. 6
Los Angeles, CA: Feb. 7
Las Vegas, NV: Feb. 8
Flagstaff, AZ: Feb. 9
Albuquerque, NM: Feb. 10
Santa Fe, NM: Feb. 11
Amarillo, TX: Feb. 12
Oklahoma City, OK: Feb. 13
Dallas, TX: Feb. 14
Austin, TX: Feb. 15 (JT Bday roast)


Chronicle Cover


I'm on the cover of the Austin Chronicle this week. It's kind of a big deal and I'm thankful to all involved. Here it is, please don't sue me.

 photo cover_big_zps33f46662.jpg

More importantly, I'm going on 7K miles worth of road dates this fall. Junior Stopka, Jay Whitecotton, Joe Staats and some of my other favorite people are joining me. The whole stretch is being presented by the rad folks at Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool, New Noise Magazine and Stand Up! Records. Please support them all. More shows in the works for 2015 now also. And thanks to everyone who has been checking out www.TheRoadPodcast.com so far. I'm having a blast with it. Hope to see you all on the road this fall. - JT




I never got to meet Robin Williams but I know several people who did. They all without fail insisted he was a genuinely friendly and at times private man. He was a fairly incredible comedic actor of course, but in all honestly it was his serious roles that always impacted me personally the most. Many of these were over the top, which is exactly how his comedy manifested - manic, unhinged...genius masquerading as spur-of-the-moment inspiration. I often found him a bit exhausting and even irritating; same goes for Jim Carey (even more so). Yet the knowledge that both were prone to episodes of depression was a given to me.

Many comics can be pointed at having the 'two personas', i.e.: stage comic and in-private person. Sometimes this is true - I for one think that in the case of manic personalities such as Mr. Williams, Chris Farley, etc. that there really is a true 'show off' element that cannot be turned down. For the majority of comedians suffering from depression, however, I honestly feel the symptoms manifest through their material, rather than simply mask unhappiness through hyper glee. It's why so many of us are cynics. Atheists. Escapists. Or as I like to say...no-bullshit realists.

Needless to say, I'm no psychologist. But having dealt with depression for most of my adult life (and yes dealt...it's a constant course of simply dealing with it or not, mores than 'suffering'....there are bad moments and long stretches of almost no symptoms at all), I can say....I get it.

Robin Williams had a fairly envious career. Movies, television, stand up, even dramatic Oscars. "How could he not be happy?" I've never been rich, but there have been moments when I have been fairly secure. After money no longer becomes a struggle, I have to imagine it melds into the reality of what it's always truly been - pieces of paper we attached value to. Make no mistake, not having $ sucks. But 'things' are ultimately just things, and after the worry of paying the bills lessens I have to imagine a 'what now?' void can easily manifest.

In all honestly, I'm not even sure where to go with this. A million comics are writing a million meaningless bogs right now, this one included. But I felt the need to write something. For those of you without depressive tendencies, know that it is not 'just feeling really bummed out'. And that there's usually nothing to be done but wait for the storm cloud to move on. And that it inevitably does. Thanks for your patience. We also wish it would just fuck off.

For all of his comedic brilliance, I've always had a gut hunch that the 'true' Robin Williams was revealed in a pair of distinct cinematic scenes - his tearful breakdown at the beginning of Mrs. Doubtfire in court over the realization that he was losing his kids, and the flash of anger in Good Will Hunting when Matt Damon speaks ill of his deceased wife. That felt like the 'real' Robin Williams to me...the one hiding under the 'Patch Adams' front. 

I hope you rest easy Mr. Williams. I wish I had been given the opportunity to shake the hand. 



The Road Podcast Is Live


New episodes hit every Tuesday and Thursday at www.theroadpodcast.com for free! Thanks to UK artist Graham Woods for the rad logo design.

 photo LITTLEVAN_zps5eebf30b.jpg


The Road Podcast Launch


After years of people asking me whem I'm gonna start a stupid podcast I've finally started a stupid podcast. Assuming no technical difficulties it will be launching next Tuesday but you can check out more info right now at 


I'm going to do my damndest to not just make it another 'comedians talking' thing. I'll be doing interviews on the road with a broad spectrum of maniacs, plus engaging in high risk behavior like diving with sharks, feeding cobras and continuing to operate a punk rock label in 2014. Tune in, drop out, tell a frenemy.

 photo Capture_zps24c150df.jpg


Stopka Run


Details coming soon, keep checking the tour page here at wwwjtcomedy.com. Thanks Doug, Shank and Chaille. For those asking - Fun Fun Fun Fest will be our only Austin date together. So grab tickets, we are on Saturday Nov. 8th from 1:30-2:30 pm. No Vegas for me Sept 27 sadly, I'm booked shooting a movie. See you on the road. 





Fun Fun Fun Fest Comedy 2014


 photo 10516770_10152585078439579_7679501610234416476_n_zpsee014587.jpg

 photo 10377175_10152585078464579_8857585238794535178_n_zpse6a1b96f.jpg




I'm doing a few drop-in shows around Austin next month and one big legit one with the full Altercation Punk Comedy Tour for the New Movement's 'Microphone Marathon' standup weekend. It's gonna be a punk comedy throwdown and is BYOB so grab your tickets and let's get stupid. Very few ATX shows planned for this year so don't miss out, advance tickets are onsale now for just $8 at TNM website. Thanks. More cool news soon.

 photo 10414653_10152542837414579_3556071179551042096_n_zpse11fbbc8.jpg




Due to a variety of reasons that will become clearer soon, we had to re-schedule the New Orleans show set for August 2. Apologies and I will see you again soon NOLA peeps. On a positive note, we are now rocking fucking werewolf fest at the Beta Theater that night. Prepare thy liver Houston! Get tickets below fast. BYOB! More exciting news coming soon. Go to bed. 




Summer 2014


 photo 10376259_10152504993084579_8516267898249689011_n_zps5fc6c1c3.jpg

Back from Vegas, again. We bumped up to the showroom at the Plaza this year, which seats around 500 I’m told. The line was crazy and the show sold out. People always ask me if I get nervous doing standup. I keep waiting for the ball to drop on that one but all I felt was stoked at the size of that audience. As usual, one of the best crowds we could have asked for. I could have stayed up there forever. I know Sib and Kinane felt the same way. Staats and Whitecotton crushed. Old pal Eric Hurst was a seasoned pro as host. Overall, an amazing gig with comics I’m proud to call friends. Apologies to Louie Anderson for booting you out of your room for the night. I promise we did not ride your Rascal.

The tour was one of our most consistently fun runs. Dirty Charlie was a welcome addition as an opener, and I think you’ll see him with us again, provided he can keep his shirt on. Staats and Whitecotton are refreshingly reliable. Dudes I can count on, both in the van and on the stage. Lots of new markets we had never hit before. Most were fantastic.

One obligatory moment of scene drama when a comic / promoter tried to rip us off and got caught in the lie. He fucked himself out of a job pretty good. I try to stay out of the shrapnel in those situations, but always know when it is gonna be bad fallout. This one was a doozy. Yeeesh, indeed. Ya big dummy. The days of getting fucked over without repercussion are in our rearview mirror. Hope the cash was worth it.

Last year was the most work I’ve done on the road, but this year feels like the biggest perception change. Maybe that’s a direct result of 2013? It’s an odd feeling. Fuck fame, if that’s the vibe I’m giving off here. I obviously want people to come to the shows, but that’s where that head trip ends. People just seem to be more aware of the tour as ‘a thing’ these days, and that has been a small mental adjustment. A positive one. No chance I’m complaining and still many miles to go, but it’s been an observation none the less.

Make no mistake, there’s still a long way to go before we are at the level I think we can hit. I’m willing to do the work and know that is the only way these things happen. Just trying to keep my head down and let the sets do the talking. I’ve been getting the ‘sellout’ and ‘hotshot’ tag on occasion for the first time this year. That has been interesting, and honestly more funny to me than hurtful. Mr. Hollywood! The shows are the only thing that matter at the end of the day in that dept.

I have no road gigs booked for June or July. This is not an accident. I’m working on a new hour and plan to do drop-in sets around town to keep the writing going. Short New Orleans run and more updates in August. I’m going to try and blog more on here too, so it isn’t just tour wrap-ups and industry bullshit.

I’m road tired, but more aware than ever. Viva la Bronx – “you cannot change the life you’re born to live.” The older I get, the truer the statement becomes. Clarity is a bitch. Thanks for the road support, always. It keeps me sane-ish. - JT


Vegas etc.


All of my spring / summer 'Trim The Fat' tour dates are now live on the site. Quite a few festivals on there, including the always drunken PRB. Hope to see you at the shows. Not sure what fall will be looking like just yet, some 'maybe this' thoughts bouncing in my brain still. Thanks.

 photo PRBCOMEDYLAST_zps871075ef.jpg


Spring Dates


 photo fff13live_zpsd43d820d.jpeg

Dates coming this week through August.


Old Man Me


I'll be 38 in an hour. Suck it. Here are my dates so far for the year, some may shift slightly but probably not. More in the fall but let's deal with the here and now, pal. I hope they find Duane Peters alive.

March 28: San Antonio, TX
April 11: San Angelo, TX
May 1 - 3: Akumal Comedy Festival, Mexico
May 16: Fort Worth, TX
May 17: Norman, OK
May 18: Amarillo, TX
May 19: Albq, NM
May 20: TBA
May 21: Tucsan, AZ
May 22: Phoenix, AZ
May 23: Las Vegas, NV
June 25: Manchester, NH
June 26: Derry, NH
June 27: Brooklyn, NY
June 28: Trenton, NJ
Aug. 1: New Orleans, LA
Aug. 2: New Orleans, LA
Aug. 3: Houston, TX
Aug. 15: Montreal, Canada 
Aug. 16: Toronto, Canada


2014 Dates


See you on the road. September and beyond in the works. Venues and support comics listed here soon under tour dates.

 photo FATTOURPOSTERfinaloneweb_zps96c365ca.jpg


Winding Down 2013


 photo blog_zps53d2bb4e.jpg

2013 was a busy year to say the least. Pretty much non-stop shows since the album hit in March, with some epic festivals - PRB Vegas, Riot Chicago, Fun Fun Fun ATX - adding awesome rimshots along the way. If you made it out to one of the shows, I sincerely thank you. Your time and attention are the most I can ever ask, then it's pretty much up to me not to fuck it up. So thanks for trusting, at least for an hour, that I won't. Those of you that promoted a show, performed as support, or offered hospitality - there is no way I could tour without you. So thanks.

I've got a handful of Texas dates winding down the year through the end of November. I plan to pretty much hibernate in December and January to continue honing new material and recharge my batteries. Even with my current 'pretty reasonable' touring setup, I'm fairly beat. Despite what I'd like to think, in many regards 37 is not the new 25. I don't want to see an airport for at least 8 weeks.

So what's up for 2014? I've decided to not perform on New Year's Eve this year. Not necessarily a resolution, I've just worked it for the last 4 years. The idea of 'truly' having December off is really appealing, so that's my Xmas present...and probably some booze. It's looking like next year will see some international touring, which is waaay overdue. So I'll be dusting off the ol' passport come late spring. More details on that coming soon. I'm stoked by the prospects, and if they work out then May is going to be really busy.

It looks like I'll be doing some Stand Up! Records performances during SXSW, and the Altercation Punk BBQ will be happening again on Saturday March 15th. Other than these gigs I'm planning to keep my SX shows to a minimum. Probably my Austin gigs in general too. You are some of the best crowds ever, but I never want to become 'the local guy' or let you down with re-hashed material. So if there is an Austin show, keep in mind that there probably won't be another one for quite a bit after.

I've learned a lot about the comedy industry this year. Some of it has been eye-opening in a very positive way, and I can honestly say my attitude towards comedy clubs has shifted a bit. Or maybe the business has just shifted over the years. Who knows? Some of it has been a bit disheartening, in regards mainly to how the showbiz machine functions and some of the attitudes it rewards. There are still days when I question whether I want to be a part of it still. But I can't seem to stay away from the stage.

Thanks again for reading. I hope to see you in 2014.

- JT


Fall Tour


 photo FFF8_comedy_zps5f901d2b.jpg

Welp, Texas touring is wrapped for most of 2013. I'll be doing the always-epic Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin this November (see lineup above) and an Arlington show in late August. Maybe a Corpus gig or a one-off here or there but otherwise I'm hitting some rad major cities on both coasts for the next few months. I'm stoked to get back to some cities like Portland and Chicago, since it has been a few years. I'll have KILLER comics rounding out the Altercation Tour dates, including Andy Andrist, Kristine Levine, Nick Lavallee, Mack Lindsay, Eric Hurst, Jay Whitecotton, Joe Staats, Ray Harrington and more. Check the calendar section for details and lineups.

I have approx. 40 of the limited tri-color LPs left of 'Hostile Corporate Takeover'. These will ONLY be available at shows. Grab 'em while they are hot. $15 and includes a full mp3 download and a limited edition patch. There will also be a rad limited poster for sale at the merch booth. I'm literally down to 2 copies of my 'Ancient History' double cd, so grab it for $5 before they leave this mortal plane forever. No re-pressing is planned.

For those of you asking, I'm aiming to get back to California early next year. A New Mexico / Arizona run is also in the works for over the winter. I'm particularly excited about that potential lineup, stay tuned. I'm hoping to get to some new cities like Minneapolis early next year as well. The fall filled up quick so I'm doing my best to schedule post-holidays routes now. Thanks for everyone asking, it means a lot. There will be some new podcast interviews popping up in the next few weeks as well.

My pal Jake Flores recorded a great album last night for Stand Up! Records. Some of you have probably seen Jake on numerous Altercation Tours, buy it when it hits, you won't be disappointed. Thanks as always for reading and see you on the road. - JT


Summer Plans


Vegas-bound this Friday. PRB has become an annual must for me by now, can't wait to see everyone. The show is free at the Golden Nugget Casino in the Rush Lounge at 6pm. Drinks will be flowing, it will fill up quick.

The local comedy contest has finally wrapped for another year in Austin. I dread it every spring honestly. Comedy as sport makes me a little queasy, but I hope everyone that goes for it gets something positive out of it. Maybe I'm just chickenshit. Regardless, I'll continue to sit that type of thing out. Congrats to Chris Cubas who placed in the finals.

I'll be doing a run of Texas with Kristine Levine next month, followed by a headline show in New Orleans. August brings some east coast action, as well as a teaming with my pal John Tole. Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and more east coast shows (with Mack Lindsay) are also in the cards for the fall.

I've been writing a lot this week and it has yielded some pretty dark stuff. I'll be curious to see how audiences react to some of it. I'm not even sure yet if it is funny, which is strange. I guess you never know until you lob it out there on stage. But it felt good to blast a bunch of new ideas down on the page.

Thanks to anyone who made it to my play at Short Short Fringe Fest. That was a pretty incredible experience. I'm working to get it up on youtube asap. It's something I'd like to try again. maybe in the fall, we shall see.

'Hostile Corporate Takeove' has been getting some pretty good press, which is encouraging. The limited colored vinyl is starting to move at shows, so grab yours before they are gone. Thanks for all the support.

I'm sitting in the dark waiting on a possible tornado, so it seems like a good time to wrap this up. Thanks for reading. Oh yeah, possible rad tour dates with some band pals as well as more festivals later in the year as well. Details here as I get them.




Punk Rock Bowling Fest 2013


I'll be co-headlining the comedy portion of Punk Rock Bowling Vegas 2013 alongside my pal Joe Sib and Mike Wiebe on May 24th at the Golden Nugget Rush Lounge. 6-8pm and FREE. Full lineup below and special surprise guests in effect. See you in Vegas.

 photo poster1_zpsfb1cc93d.jpg


Post Op Plans


I write this from a fortress of propped pillows. In an obvious hack move designed to pull headlines away from Tig and Ari, I was diagnosed with skin cancer recently. I had minor surgery today, and it went well, which means I'm sore as fuck and super grouchy but otherwise fine. They caught it early and it had not spread, so with any luck that should be the end of that. Aside from a very small circle of family I did not want to mention this publicly until after the surgery was done, since it seems so goddamn dramatic. Assuming it doesn't come back, which it shouldn't they say, I look at it as a close call and a green light to make cancer jokes forever, so win-win. Huge thanks and eternal guest list tickets to my tattoo artist Dart at Aloha for giving me the 'get that checked out' head's up.

The new album on Stand Up! Records has been released, thank you for buying it (assuming you have, otherwise you are dead to me). My plan is to push the record all year long while writing and honing new material on the road. I'll be hitting a lot of cities around the country this year and am excited to do so, it has been way too long for a bunch of these places. I'll be announcing all of the venues in one big chunk soon, but here are confirmed dates and cities to bank on:

5/3 Fort Worth, TX

5/24 Las Vegas, NV

6/27 Houston, TX

6/29 New Orleans, LA

7/26 Dallas, TX

7/27 Oklahoma City, OK

8/16 Manchester, NH

8/17 Portland, ME

8/23 Boston, MA

9/19 Portland, OR

9/21 Seattle, WA

10/4 Minneapolis, MN

10/5 Chicago, IL

10/17 Bridgeport, CT

10/18 Easton, PA

10/19 Trenton, NJ

10/20 Kingston, NY

These are all headline sets for me. I'm working on a lot more cities / shows as well for September / October / November, including some 'big deal' things that I can't talk about just yet. There will be some large festivals in the mix for sure as well. The other Altercation Tour members will be a mixed bag depending on the date and location, but will include Jay Whitecotton, Mack Lindsay, Junior Stopka, Nick Mullen, Joe Staats, Joe Sib, Andy Andrist, Mike Wiebe, Ian Stuart and Dave Krum Bum.  I'll announce who is on what date when the venues go live, which again should be real soon.

In terms of Texas, I plan to do a very small amount of shows there for the rest of the year. I'll be doing a run in June with the divine Kristine Levine ('Portlandia' etc.) that will include San Antonio, Houston and Austin. I'll just be hosting on these shows and working out new material. Joe Staats, Jay Whitecotton and Norm Wilkerson (Unbookables) will be on these shows as well. It shall rule face, and you should definitely go. Confirmed venues and dates will be up on the site here soon. I've also been asked to MC the Roast of Billy Milano on June 8th (SOD / MOD), which will be at Bull McCabes in Austin, Texas. Again, that will be a host type of thing and not a full regular set. I promise it shall be epic though and not to be missed. 

On a final 'ENOUGH ALREADY' note, I'll be contributing a play (!) to the 2013 Short Short Fringe Festival. It will be held on May 12th, you can read all about it here:


It seemed like a neat challenge, and my piece will not be comedic. Keep checking that site for more details. The play is called 'Starting From Scratch'. 

Ok. Thanks for reading and giving a shit, time to pop more drugs and try to eat a taco. See you on the road and fuck cancer in the face.




New Album


The new album 'Hostile Corporate Takeover' hits stores and Itunes in vinyl and digital formats this Tuesday. I'm very proud of the final result and hope you enjoy it. Big thanks to Dan at Stand Up! Records for welcoming us to the label family, and undying gratitude to Raymond Pettibon for the cover art.

There is a tri-colored (white / clear / onyx) vinyl version that is strictly limited to 100 copies. 80 will be available at live shows starting this Thursday with my show at the New Movement Theater with Unbookables' Sean Rouse. 20 will be available via a lottery system on the 'contact' section of this website.

If you are interested in entering the lottery simply send a message via the contact form. The tri-vinyl is $20 including shipping, and also includes a super limited edition back patch as well as an Altercation Tour embroidered patch. Winners will be contacted by end of day Tuesday via e-mail with details on how to confirm their copy. Art is below, and all vinyl copies include a digital download card as well. Please do not pass the audio around on sharing sites so we can hopefully do another record in the future.

I'll be announcing a big festival show in early April as well as more summer dates. Thank you as always for your amazing support. - JT

 photo SUR104_zpsfccc6eb4.jpg


Happy New Year


Onward to 2013. Thanks if you made it to the NYE bash, it was epic. In the process of setting up a ton of shows for the new year, so keep checking the calendar. We are in final edits on the album, still shooting for a spring release. Odds are good I will be doing some comedy festivals this year, as well as some other tour stretches hopefully including both coasts. Stay tuned and as always thanks for your support. If you want me to come to your town send a message via the 'contact' page, I'm working with a new booking agent so I'll do my best to get to most major markets this year. Again, thanks. see you on the road.

- JT


End Of Year Wrap


Well, Fun Fun Fun Fest was fantastic as usual. Big thanks to Graham, Moody and everyone at Transmission. Extra big thanks to Mike Patton, Saul Williams and, um, Val Kilmer for the hang time. Epic is not the word. Hannibal and David Cross killed as expected.

Tomorrow we head to Houston and then Hell Yes Comedy Fest in New Orleans. I'm excited to hit the road for some away gigs. These shows will pretty much be it for me for 2012. There may be one 'surprise' Texas date in the works for December (not Austin), and I'll be curating this mofo of a New Year's Eve gig:

Altercation's End of Days Bash!

NYE Dec. 31st, 2012 @ The New Movement Austin, 7th and Lavaca, 10 pm!

Hosted by JT and featuring:

Mack Lindsay, Joe Staats, Chris Cubas, Jake Flores, The Lizard Man (Circus Sideshow Legend), Zach Blair (Rise Against), Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers), David Rodriguez (Krum Bums), Satan (Stanhope's Unbookables), Lap Dance Open Mic featuring Blake Midgette and Burning Angel XXX Star Miss Genocide, a special appearance by Death Himself, plus plenty of special surprise guests, zany contests and more more more! WHOA!

Only $10 in advance and BYOB, plus a free 'champagne of beers' toast at midnight complete with noisy party crap! Tickets will be more at the door if any are left the night of (doubt it), so reserve your's NOW at this link:


Seriously, grab your tickets now, it shall rule. 21+, seating limited. Remember the recording? Right. Get your tickets.

Assuming the world is still around, we are looking good for an early spring release of our Stand Up! Records' debut 'Hostile Corporate Takeover'. More on that in the coming weeks. No more ATX shows for me after NYE until SXSW, although there will likely be some SUPER rad road gigs happening in February. Gotta keep those tight lipped until confirmed but they are looking to be monsters.

Happy holidays and thanks for your support all year long! Oh yeah, 'Altercation Archives' is sold out, so if you see a copy grab it. Thanks again.



Fall 2012 News


It's September already, so time for an update (I promise to keep it short). Stand Up! Records Dan and I are currently in the process of going over the album masters and figuring out what will ultimately be on the finished record. So far, the recording sounds momentous. I can't wait to hear the finished thing on vinyl. We are aiming for an early 2013 release. LPs will include a digital download card and yes you will be able to get it on Itunes too. Some of the vinyl will be limited edition colors etc. so get your indie nerd boners ready. 

Speaking of, some of you may have noticed my online hints that something big has been in the works. I'm beyond thrilled to formally announce that the upcoming album will feature cover art by the one and only Raymond Pettibon. You may know him as the guy that created the Black Flag bars logo and most of the imagery for the SST label back in the day (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Minutemen, etc. etc. etc.).

Raymond has been a hero of mine for many years, and I cannot express how amazing this is to me. Stand Up! Dan is similarly stoked (it marks the first time his art has appeared on a SU!R release), and Raymond has been incredibly generous and enthusiastic to us. So if you've been thinking 'well, I don't have a record player...' think again and frame that shit (you'll still get a digital download of the show). If I can get all of these comedy goons in a room for a few hours we may even try to wrangle some sort of signed pre-order edition or something, stay tuned.

I'll be updating the last of my 2012 shows on Monday of next week after my gig with Yob on Sunday night (tickets are moving quick, get on it). Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 is aiming to be as epic as ever, and our set is scheduled for Saturday November 3rd just prior to Saul Williams and David Cross. Get tickets now. I'll be hosting a FFF Nites party that evening at Beerland as well. The weekend after I'll be taking the Altercation Tour on a run to Houston and then doing several shows as a part of Hell Yes Comedy Fest 2012 in New Orleans. Venues and details will be up soon.

Finally, I'm curating a monster of a show for New Year's Eve in Austin. It's gonna be my official end of days bash, and the lineup will be heavy duty. I'll be releasing details early via my mailing list on here, so sign up on the homepage if you want all the news first, we may do a pre-sale for it since the talent so far is eye-popping. 

See, told you I'd keep it short. Thanks for reading and hope to see you at the shows.





About 2 hours post-show from our Stand Up! Records recording and insomnia has hit despite my complete exhaustion. What a killer night. Thank you all so much for overselling the New Movement Theater to the point of danger, to their awesome staff for dealing with the un-stoked folks who could not get in, and to all of my comedy family for destroying the stage with their originality and hilariousness. Extra thanks to Dan from SU!R for taking a chance on us, and to my wife Donna for keeping me in the green room for sanity despite the pre-show mania. I honestly am very, very proud of the end result. 

I also want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who packed the place. It would not have been the experience it was without you there. Taking the unorthodox 'punk rock' comedy route has not always been the easiest path, but I can 100% say that it has proven to be more ultimately rewarding than I could have ever dreamed. Punk rock fans are the best audience and fans EVER, and I cannot overstate how much your support means to all of us. Simply put, you get it. We will not let you down if you continue to show up. 

Super high fives to John Tole for being the only ATX comedian who showed up to support the show (Matt Bearden did his best, so thanks Matt as well). I know some were there in spirit, but again - thank you to everyone who showed up for reminding us yet again who we do this for. 

I'm going into hibernation for a few weeks, check the calendar for some rad upcoming shows and festivals. Keep December 31st in your sights as well for a very special show. Again, thank you and good night (I hope).





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JT Habersaat and the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour release details for Stand Up! Records recording of Hostile Corporate Takeover.


Photo credit: Camille DuBose (left to right: Mack Lindsay, Joe Staats, JT Habersaat, Mike Wiebe, Billy Milano)

Austin, Texas – Having recently announced their signing to powerhouse imprint Stand Up! Records, JT Habersaat and his critically-hailed Altercation Punk Comedy Tour have confirmed details on their upcoming live recording.

The new album, dubbed Hostile Corporate Takeover, will be recorded live in Austin, Texas on August 11th, 2012 at the New Movement Theater. The confirmed lineup, headlined by Habersaat, will include Mack Lindsay (Vans Warped Tour), Mike Wiebe (vocalist for Riverboat Gamblers), Joe Staats (Fun Fun Fun Fest) and legendary hardcore vocalist Billy Milano (MOD). The show will take place at 10:30 pm for $10, with tickets available at the door on a first come, first served basis.

“I’m beyond thrilled to work with Dan Schlissel and Stand Up! Records, and have long been an admirer of the label’s roster,” says Habersaat. “Dan and I are exceptionally stoked on the level of talent that will be joining me for the live recording. These are some of my all-time favorite comics and closest friends.”

Habersaat, who initiated the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour in 2008, has become a go-to support act for a wide-range of boundary-pushing comics and bands, including Doug Stanhope, Henry Rollins, Brian Posehn, Andy Dick and Jeanine Garofalo. The Altercation Tour has appeared on numerous national festivals including Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008-2011, The Fest 9 and Vans Warped Tour, and Habersaat recently co-headlined the comedy portion of Las Vegas’ Punk Rock Bowling Festival 2012 opposite Rancid, Nofx and more.

Stand Up! Records was founded by Dan Schlissel in 1999 in Minneapolis, MN and has gone on to release albums from some of the comedy scene’s brightest stars including David Cross, Maria Bamford, Doug Stanhope, Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, Lewis Black and Hannibal Buress.

“I'm happy to have a motivated self-starter like JT be involved in our hostile corporate takeover,” says Schlissel. “Stand Up! Records started as a DIY label in a basement, out of the ashes of the music world, so not only do we get JT and the Altercation Comedy Tour, but we are also happy to work with peers who have the same independent roots.”

“It helps that they're funny fuckers as well,” Schlissel added.

The New Movement Theater, curated by improv master Chris Trew, has become a comedy institution in the city of Austin. It is located between 7th and Lavaca Street, and doors for the 18+ event open at 10:15 pm.




I've been back from Las Vegas just long enough to fall asleep at 6 pm and destroy my chance at getting this jet lag murdered, so figured I should report back on Punk rock Bowling 2012.

I think it's fair to say that PRB has become one of the major players in the festival circuit, and more importantly a much-needed US counterpart to the UK Wasted / Rebellion Fests. A festival comprised of ALL punk bands (and very little BS liberties with the genre) is something that has been sorely lacking in the States. The Stern brothers are to be commended.

The comedy show was a new level this year. Joe Sib and I, each lucky enough to perform in previous years, decided to 'roll the dice' as it were on a dual headlining kickoff party this time around. To both of our surprise, people started lining up almost an hour before doors to the club opened. The crowd was amazing, the venue in the Golden Nugget Casino ideal, and the gig would never have happened without the huge help of Mark Stern. Thanks Mark for dealing with Sib and I hounding you for details literally until show time, and thanks to Eric Lincoln Hurst, Joe Staats and C-Bazz for providing killer support sets.

The rest of the weekend was equally amazing. Aside from seeing some truly great old friends, the entire weekend was a huge reaffirmation of why the punk scene will forever be so important to me. Sure there were some idiots (the dude showing Binky his destroyed and bleeding knee while drunkenly giving us the history of Rancid made me flee), but overall I forgot how great it is to simply be with a huge group of like-minded people for an extended amount of time.

Laura Jean Grace's surprise set at the Matt Skiba show was the ultimate in vindication and completely decimated any message board morons that may have actually ventured into the sunlight to attend the fest. Appearing in a dress, wavy hair and makeup, Grace (aka Gable) reigned triumphant to an adoring crowd that screamed along to every Against Me! lyric. Not a single homophobic or ignorant comment heard that night. Honestly, I was pretty proud. Check out this epic footage Binky grabbed:


Add in a couple of 'conservatives' sitting behind us on the airplane ride home that loudly slurred their way through Mexican foreign policy, the president's birth certificate and the genius of Michelle Bachman. Both were the same age as me, both 'respectable' business men, both had me biting my tongue in half for the better part of two hours. It was a slap in the head of reality after a weekend of high fives and drunken enthusiasm, and a reminder that for every open-minded scene there is the polar opposite just around the corner in larger numbers.

All in all an amazing weekend. Again, thank you Stern brothers and hope to see you all next year.

In other news, I'm on Twitter. Follow my hilarious musings here:


More soon. Need to take some sleep aid.




I just signed to Stand Up! Records, huzzah!



JT Habersaat and the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour sign on to Stand Up! Records for Hostile Corporate Takeover.

Austin, Texas – JT Habersaat and his critically-hailed Altercation Punk Comedy Tour have joined forces with comedy powerhouse imprint Stand Up! Records for their next album.

 “I’m beyond thrilled to work with Dan Schlissel and Stand Up! Records, and have long been an admirer of the label’s roster,” says Habersaat. “I’ve been very hesitant in regards to working with labels in the past, but after speaking at length with Dan during this year’s SXSW I quickly became convinced that he ‘gets it’. Plus we have a shared love of the Melvins, so that was huge.”

The new album, dubbed Hostile Corporate Takeover, is slated to be recorded live in Austin, Texas in late summer 2012. Habersaat, who initiated the Altercation Tour in 2008, has become a go-to support act for a wide-range of boundary-pushing comics and bands, including Doug Stanhope, Henry Rollins, Brian Posehn, Andy Dick and Jeanine Garofalo. The Altercation Tour has appeared on numerous national festivals including Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008-2011, The Fest 9 and Vans Warped Tour, and Habersaat recently acted as direct support for a largely sold-out package tour featuring punk bands Riverboat Gamblers, Dead to Me and Off With Their Heads.

Stand Up! Records was founded by Dan Schlissel in 1999 in Minneapolis, MN and has gone on to release albums from some of the comedy scene’s brightest stars including David Cross, Maria Bamford, Doug Stanhope, Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, Lewis Black and Hannibal Buress.

 “I'm happy to have a motivated self-starter like JT be involved in our hostile corporate takeover,” says Schlissel. “Stand Up! Records started as a DIY label in a basement, out of the ashes of the music world, so not only do we get JT and the Altercation Comedy Tour, but we are also happy to work with peers who have the same independent roots.”

“It helps that they're funny fuckers as well,” Schlissel added.

 The album, headlined by Habersaat and featuring an assortment of Altercation Tour veterans to be announced in the near future, will be available on limited-edition vinyl and digital download upon release. Numerous national festival appearances are in the works in support of the album for fall of 2012, with Habersaat co-headlining the comedy portion of the 2012 Punk Rock Bowling Festival in Las Vegas this Friday alongside Joe Sib (Side One Dummy Records). Bands slated to appear at PRB 2012 include Rancid, NOFX, Youth Brigade, Hot Water Music and many more.





Post-SXSW Craziness


SXSW almost killed me (9+ days of shows and endless booze?!) but it did yield some amazing gigs and some exciting new relationships. Thanks to all who made it out, sorry if I stepped on your head at the Tenacious D / Riverboat Gamblers show.

Lots of festival appearances in the works for later in the year, more specifics on that soon. Killer run to Las Vegas coming at the end of May, dates for that should be posted ASAP. I start my monthly road stories residency at the New Movement Theater in April (second Saturday of each month), we are tweaking the schedule a little in terms of time slot etc. so I will post that info real soon.

Finally, I'm stoked to announce that the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour will be releasing a new live album this year. The lineup will include myself, Mack Lindsay, Joe Staats and Mike Wiebe, and the album is being planned as a vinyl / digital release. More info as we get it but stay tuned.

Pre-order my new 'Altercation Archives' book now, it hits stores in May! Get it delivered for only $15, grab it here:


Thanks, more updates and specifics coming real soon, sorry to be all cagey. 



2012 News


Welcome to 2012, which has so far been pretty stellar. I've added some dates to the calendar page, including a weekend run of road stories with Billy Milano (MOD), Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers), Mack Lindsay (Warped Tour) and Joe Staats (Fun fun fun Fest) that will be hitting Denton and Houston, TX. SXSW is gonna be nuts too, details on those shows coming soon.

I've been doing a quick run of press this week, including a lengthy chat alongside Joe Staats on Seth Cockfield's radio program 'Grow Up!', an archive of which can be found here:


I've got some more radio interviews and podcasts coming up in the next few days and will be adding details as they are produced.

Joe Sib and I are currently threatening the Stern Brothers with various forms of bodily harm in an attempt to get a real-deal punk comedy party going during PRB Las Vegas 2012. Either way, I'll be in sin city that weekend. Again, more info as we get them.

I just signed on to curate and headline a 6-month show at the New Movement Theater in Austin, which will be the 2nd Saturday of every month starting in April. The show will feature a totally different crew of support performers each time, and I plan to do a totally different 30 minute+ headline set, so you could theoretically see each show and never see the same performance twice. These gigs will be more 'road stories' in approach, and expect special guest band dudes etc. to stop by. It should be a neat challenge.

Not sure yet what the summer will bring, although it is looking like Festival stuff for the fall. I'm also putting the finishing touches on my long-in-the-works Altercation Archives book, which will be out hopefully by April.

Thanks for reading and more info soon!





Year End Wrap Up


So that does it for 2011. As usual, Fun Fun Fun Fest was an amazing time all around. Huge high-fives to everyone who came out to our set, it was epic and awesome as always. Big ups to Brian Posehn, Youth Brigade, The Damned and everyone else that hung out and killed it that weekend. As you've heard, Danzig was an epic douche. What a bummer.

After a much needed break to escape into the Texas desert with my wife and dog for the holidays, I'll re-emerge in the new year with a theater gig on January 21st @ The New Movement. This show will be more story-based, as I've assembled some of my 'rock pals' to perform some hilarious road tales. Scheduled to appear - Billy Milano (MOD), Mike Weibe (Riverboat Gamblers), Mack Lindsay (Vans Warped Tour) and Blake Midgette (Pageninetynine). There will probably be some 'very special surprise guests' on this show. I'll be headlining, it starts late at 11:30 pm, and is totally BYOB. Only about 65 seats available so don't miss out.

I'm working on a possible 'island getaway' mini tour for February that would prove crazy, drunken fun, but more on that if it comes to pass. I've got two shows set for SXSW 2012 with some AMAZING guest bands. Free beer shall rain like...well, rain. More details as it gets closer.

I've got a new t-shirt design that has been moving well. It features an 'Evil Dead'-ish skull with the slogan "I Kill For A Living", two color yellow and white ink on black shirt. It will be at most 2012 shows until sold out, and should be up on interpunk.com soon as well. Also, the long in the works Altercation Archival book is nearing the finish line (I hope). Pre-orders will include a free download card containing audio interview tracks with Fugazi, Mike Patton and Flaming Lips.

There will likely be some southern Altercation Tour dates in spring 2012, and then more solo touring with bands and at festivals for me into the summer. Whew, I'm hungover just thinking about it.

That's a wrap. Thanks as always for your support, it means more than you know. Happy holidays, drink lots of nog and see you in the new year. - JT


Fests and surviving Stanhope.


Just back from Stanhope's July 4th bash, big thanks to Doug and Bingo for a raging good time. I'm still hungover thinking about it. Getting ready to kick off a bunch o' rad shows with bands including Sloppy Seconds, Jukebox Romantics, Dead To Me, Riverboat Gamblers and Off With Their Heads, keep checking the calendar for more details. Have some festival stuff lined up for the fall, more info coming soon there as well. 

Don't forget, I'll be warping young impressionable minds with an appearance at Power Chord Academy this summer (and soon!), check them out now at www.powerchordacademy.com

Thanks for reading, longer and more boring update coming soon.





Power Chord Academy and more


Just back from the insane awesomeness that was Punk Rock Bowling 2011 in Vegas. Thanks to the Stern brothers for having me back, and to everyone who caught my set and suffered through the PA issues with me. Had a killer time all around. Big ups to Converse for the new kicks!

Added some new shows to the calendar for the summer. In addition to the run I'll be doing with Riverboat Gamblers /
Off With Their Heads / Dead To Me  there is a new gig with Sloppy Seconds in August, that should be a hoot. Will be announcing some festival appearances for the fall soon as well, just working out the details. 

I'm also stoked to announce that I will be appearing as a presenter for Power Chord Academy. If you are unfamiliar, it is a rad organization that helps teenagers work their way into the music industry, check them out here:


More details on my appearance will be coming in the future weeks.

I'm also putting the finishing touches on the long in-the-works Altercation Archival book, which I hope to have out by the end of the summer. Pre-orders will include extra sweet goodies, more info as it gets closer to the finish line. The book will collect some of the best interviews I've conducted over the years (Henry Rollins, Misfits, Avail and many, many more), some rad never-before-published Q&A's (Weird Al! Against Me! Robert Englund!) and behind-the-scenes intro details for each interview by yours truly. Again, more details in the coming weeks, but it will be out this year for sure. Huzzah!

Oh yeah, I have new comedy columns on stands now in both 'Re:Com' and 'Amp' magazines, scoop them up and tell a friend.

Thanks as always for reading and hope to see you on the road.